The Meanings of Wands in the Tarot Cards

The meanings of Wands (also called staffs) in the Tarot Cards represents the element of fire and are associated with our creativity, strength, originality and intuition (or gut instinct). When we throw wood on the fire, it is an act of transformation. Energy within the wood is released and something new is created – heat, smoke and ash in the physical world. In metaphysical terms, Wands represent those moments when we allow one state of energy to transform into another.

Fire is intimately associated with the development of mankind, from cavemen figuring out how to light and control fire to the very worst in humans in developing nuclear bombs that could wipe everything out. Our creative intuition is our fire – it can be a deep guiding force for us, allowing us to transform our lives for the better or worse.

When we allow our creative ability to rise with good intentions, we set in force powerful transformative energy that can see use rise like a phoenix from the direst of circumstances. On the other hand, when our creative ability is blocked, we find ourselves spiraling downwards in a cesspit of despair. Having the other elements in our lives like our mental clarity (Swords), emotions (Cups) and Spirit in balance with our creative ability brings to a realm that is unstoppable.

Below is a list of all the cards of the Wands with their meanings and reversed meanings. You can can also view meanings for the Major Arcana, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. A full list of Tarot Card Meanings can be found here.

The Meanings of Wands in the Tarot Cards

Ace of Wands Meaning
Two of Wands Meaning
Three of Wands Meaning
Four of Wands Meaning
Five of Wands Meaning
Six of Wands Meaning
Seven of Wands Meaning
Eight of Wands Meaning
Nine of Wands Meaning
Ten of Wands Meaning
Page of Wands Meaning
Knight of Wands Meaning
Queen of Wands Meaning
King of Wands Meaning