The Meanings of Swords in the Tarot Cards

Swords slice through the air. They are related to our mind, the way we think and process thoughts. Like wind, our thoughts can be a jumble, incoherent and scattered. Or they can be a powerful force with which to direct our actions. The meanings of Swords in the Tarot Cards can be interpreted as to our mental clarity surrounding events in our lives, how we view things, our biases and prejudices. They are that voice in our head that never quietens down!

We can often confuse our creativity (related to the suit of Wands in the Tarot) with our thoughts. But true creativity comes from someplace deep within. When we create, we do so on a hunch, joining the dots and only then our mental clarity kicks in and we have those eureka moments! When we create with our mind, we are acting from ego so we need to be clear in our readings that Swords are very much to do with our thoughts and mindfulness about the world we move in.

Below is a list of all the cards of the Swords with their meanings and reversed meanings. You can can also view meanings for the Major Arcana, Cups, Wands and Pentacles. A full list of Tarot Card Meanings can be found here.

Ace of Swords Meaning
Two of Swords Meaning
Three of Swords Meaning
Four of Swords Meaning
Five of Swords Meaning
Six of Swords Meaning
Seven of Swords Meaning
Eight of Swords Meaning
Nine of Swords Meaning
Ten of Swords Meaning
Page of Swords Meaning
Knight of Swords Meaning
Queen of Swords Meaning
King of Swords Meaning