The Meanings of Pentacles in the Tarot Cards

Pentacles or coins in the Tarot are related to our sense of physical wealth. They are not just about money but our material wealth in every sense – We can think of the meanings of Pentacles in the Tarot Cards as related to our houses, cars, money, clothes, business, investments and all financial affairs. Coins are made from the earth and in ancient times, gold was (and is) one of the most valuable metals that could be mined. In the Suit of Pentacles, they are represented as gold discs, often with the pentagram inscribed upon it.

That the pentagram is engraved upon the coins is interesting because on a deeper level it signifies that this physical world is intimately related to everything else in the world – the points of the pentagram represent Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit, which in turn are representative of all else. It is not that our physical world is detached and separate from our emotions, mental clarity, spirit or our creative ability. Our physical world is inextricably bound up with all these and is a manifestation of all these other worlds. How we think affects our physical world, how we feel, create, meditate and envision. When we interpret pentacles in the Tarot Cards we should hold an awareness that that it does not operate in isolation from other suits but is often the manifestation of deeper thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Below is a list of all the cards of the Pentacles with their meanings and reversed meanings. You can can also view meanings for the Major Arcana, Cups, Wands and Swords. A full list of Tarot Card Meanings can be found here.

The Meanings of Pentacles in the Tarot Cards

Ace of Pentacles Meaning
Two of Pentacles Meaning
Three of Pentacles Meaning
Four of Pentacles Meaning
Five of Pentacles Meaning
Six of Pentacles Meaning
Seven of Pentacles Meaning
Eight of Pentacles Meaning
Nine of Pentacles Meaning
Ten of Pentacles Meaning
Page of Pentacles Meaning
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Queen of Pentacles Meaning
King of Pentacles Meaning

Ace of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Deck