The Meanings of Cups in the Tarot Cards

Cups are a vessel in which to hold water. It metaphysical terms, water is the traditional symbol used to convey emotion. Cups holding water then, are like our bodies holding emotions. When we look at the meanings of Cups in the Tarot Cards, we view them through the prism of our bodies holding emotions. Cups represent our feelings, our gut instinct and our hidden emotions that we might never show to the outside world. The suit of cups represent our innermost desires, fears, dreams, feelings and emotions.

Water is feminine in nature. It is the ‘Yin’ to the Sun’s ‘Yang’. The Moon, which holds great sway over water is also feminine. It has the ability to shift water the world over via tides. Before we are born, we are held cocooned inside our Mother’s womb, in water. Water is essential to our way of life. It is the energy that flows through us slowly, ever present and ready to be transformed into everything that we need to navigate this world.

Below is a list of all the cards of the Cups with their meanings and reversed meanings. You can can also view meanings for the Major Arcana, Swords, Wands and Pentacles. A full list of Tarot Card Meanings can be found here.

The Meanings of Cups in the Tarot Cards

Ace of Cups Meaning
Two of Cups Meaning
Three of Cups Meaning
Four of Cups Meaning
Five of Cups Meaning
Six of Cups Meaning
Seven of Cups Meaning
Eight of Cups Meaning
Nine of Cups Meaning
Ten of Cups Meaning
Page of Cups Meaning
Knight of Cups Meaning
Queen of Cups Meaning
King of Cups Meaning

Ace of Cups
Ace of Cups