The Eternal Reason

The Eternal Reason


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In the beginning was … nothing! The Eternal Reason charts the beginning of the universe from its earliest moments and the formation of the Creator. From the very start, this divine being had one fatal flaw and thus we were shorn from the Creator and by the Creator itself to act as a balancing force to that flaw. Our souls and our free will are part of this universal ‘Perfect Balance’ that protects us and the Creator from that flaw! We are as important to the continuation of the universe as the Creator! The only problem is that over years, we have been taught that we have only physical abilities and so we act as if we don’t matter. The truth is, you matter a great deal and each of has an unimaginable power to shape and direct energy that can affect the entire universe!

What if I told you that were you to be wiped from existence, the universe would begin to collapse?

It is our free will, our consciousness and our ability to manipulate and direct energy that is essential to the continuation of everything. There is no separation between us and the Creator, only the mental and spiritual blocks we place in our own path. The Eternal Reason maps out a spiritual unified theory as to why we are, how we are and where we are all going. Ultimately, no matter what path you think you are on, that path is one of self discovery as we learn to be at peace with ourselves and others and elevate ourselves to a state of knowing.

What do we need to know to raise ourselves to a higher thinking? Learn how you can influence a universe and free yourself from the stifling rules, consumerism and controls of modern life. The processes we face everyday in life are no accident and are designed to keep you in a state of blindness and servitude to anything but your higher self. It is a deliberate policy that you should be kept in the dark, afraid to follow your own light and truth. As you shift and break away from this control that others place on you, a whole new life awaits!

Imagine understanding all that is and will ever be. In this state, we truly begin to shift ourselves into a new alignment with a universal energy that permeates all things, including us. Our subconscious ability to interact with the world is the skill that must be developed to move to a higher state of being and like all skills, practice is the only requirement! There is no difference between the ability of one person who changes the world and the person who dies unknown. It is only that the person who changes the world knew he could. This is the skill we acquire as we follow the guidelines in the Eternal Reason.

No matter how long it has been, how superficial you have lived or how suppressed the real you has been, it is still there and ready at all times to resurface if you allow it to! When you do, it will be one of the most liberating and exciting feelings you will ever experience!

The Eternal Reason takes the reader on a thought provoking journey as to their own power and freedom. It looks at our mind and its abilities, our eternal soul, explains the energy that exists all around us and the manner in which our thoughts and intent affect that energy and our fortunes. Our presence here on earth, our imprint, being free and finding our own life path are all revealed. Ultimately, this book is about helping you, the reader, to mover further along your own path, free from any worry or doubt as to your own truth.

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  • Paperback: 285 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (March 26, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 198061010X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1980610106
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“This phenomenon also explains why one craze takes off in seemingly unconnected places. When somebody emits a powerful enough wave of energy about a particular topic or interest, it travels through the universe until it loses ‘power’. On its way, it will affect the vibrational pattern of everything it meets, just as everything it meets will affect its vibrational pattern. Thus a sensitive receptor (person) in a different place may pick up on the wave without being consciously aware of it and thus take an interest in the new craze. That person then emits a wave that further spreads the ‘craze’ until this new wave is picked up on by somebody else. What happens is that from a seemingly random selection of people practicing a new craze in distant parts of the world, more and more people attune to the frequency of that wave and soon everybody is doing it.”

“Every physical action that we take begins with a thought, either conscious or unconscious. There is nothing in the world that has taken place without it first having been the energy of a thought. When you take a step forward, your mind has already began to move your energy from where you are now to the space ahead of you. Your mind can also begin to move your energy from where you are now to a place that you are able to visualize in three months time or three years time. It will produce a flow of energy that both materializes the opportunities you need and gives you the courage to take the steps necessary. It awakens your conscious self to recognize anything that may be in alignment with those thoughts. Once you begin to understand that your thoughts are affecting your experience of this life, you begin to be careful about what you think about. Out goes negativity and negative people. In will come positivity and refusing to allow yourself to wallow in self pity, self doubt and self criticism. These will have no purpose in your life because firstly, you will recognize that thinking these thoughts just produces more of the same and you are the author writing your own story. Secondly, you will also begin to recognize that you have the ability to live as much more – that you could not just be here by accident but have a very real purpose to undertake.”

“We find ourselves in an age where only the physical is to be ‘believed’ or acted upon. The ancients, for all their faults, understood a lot more about our connections to each other, the universe and our ability to influence our experiences through thought alone. Think of a shaman, witch doctor, healer or druid journeying to another realm to find the reason for a physical illness – they were all sharing an understanding that a non-physical or sub-conscious world existed and we had the ability to interact with this world via the conscious and subconscious mind. If the shaman was able to convince the conscious mind that the reason for the ailment had been cured, then the mind would set about manifesting the cure in the physical world. Another way of looking at this is that the healers of old understood that we lived in a thought generated universe, a universe that was connected together in a non physical manner via energy waves and particles. Therefore the cure for an illness lay in correcting our energy balance via energy waves rather than attempting to cover over the physical symptoms of an illness with a drug.
It is not that they believed that dancing around a patient cured an illness or beating a drum would induce miraculous healing powers to come visit. At all times, the purpose of dancing, picking a certain plant for a ritual or chanting a certain rhythm is to bring…”