Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Cards come in many different decks. Most commonly used are the Rider Waite Deck and the older Marseilles Tarot cards but there are decks in the hundreds (if not thousands!) now based on everything from shamanism to cartoons available. Most people would be familiar with the divination aspect of Tarot Cards but they are also used as a means of going on a personal journey of discovery, for meditation, studying mysticism and guidance. Tarot card meanings depend on whether the card is drawn upright or upside down (i.e reversed).

Various ‘spreads’ (layouts) exist for particular purposes. The simplest spread is the three card spread with one card for each of the past, present or future. The meaning of a tarot card can be influenced by the cards drawn around it, putting its symbolism into context.

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Major Arcana

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are our journey through this life, the story of creation told via symbolism and archetypes.

The Fool

The Fool Meaning
The Magician Meaning
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The Emperor Meaning
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The Lovers Meaning
The Chariot Meaning
Strength Meaning
The Hermit Meaning
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The World Meaning


Related to material concerns, wealth and finances.

Ace of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Deck

King of Pentacles Meaning
Queen of Pentacles Meaning
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Page of Pentacles Meaning
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Nine of Pentacles Meaning
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Two of Pentacles Meaning
Ace of Pentacles Meaning


Cups are related to water and our emotions.

King of Cups Meaning
Queen of Cups Meaning
Knight of Cups Meaning
Page of Cups Meaning
Ten of Cups Meaning
Nine of Cups Meaning
Eight of Cups Meaning
Seven of Cups Meaning
Six of Cups Meaning
Five of Cups Meaning
Four of Cups Meaning
Three of Cups Meaning
Two of Cups Meaning
Ace of Cups Meaning


Think of the sword slicing through the air – Swords represent the air and our ability to think, process and act on the level of the mind.

King of Swords Meaning
Queen of Swords Meaning
Knight of Swords Meaning
Page of Swords Meaning
Ten of Swords Meaning
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Three of Swords Meaning
Two of Swords Meaning
Ace of Swords Meaning


The suit of Wands (or staffs) represents the element of fire (think of the wood on the fire!) and are associated with our creativity, strength, originality and intuition (or gut instinct) that we all hold.

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