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Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands in the Tarot depicts a knight holds a single wand in one hand while his horse rares up on his hind…

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Page of Wands

The young page stands in a desolate landscape, mountains visible in the distance. He holds an upright wand with both hands, gazing at the top…

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Ten of Wands

A young man carries ten wands. He is walking away from us, head buried in the wands as he carries them. In the distance is…

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Nine of Wands

A man stands leaning on a wand, eight other wands are standing upright behind him. A bandage is wrapped around his head. In the distance…

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Six of Wands

A King or prince is mounted on his horse. The white horse is draped is royal colours. The prince holds a garland atop his staff…

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Five of Wands

Five young men each with a wand are depicted in the Five of Wands. The scene is one of disarray, confusion of fighting. The landscape…

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Four of Wands

A scene of celebration framed by four wands standing upright and a garland hung at the top. A man and woman are in the distant…

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Two of Wands

A young man gazes out across the land, holding in one hand a crystal ball or globe. His other hands rests on one of two…

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Ace of Wands

A hand emerges from a cloud, holding upright a wand. The landscape below shows a river and mountains with a castle perched atop. Leaves sprout…

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King of Swords

The King, seated upon his throne holds an upright sword in his right hand. His throne is engraved and is set upon the top of…

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