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The Heart Connection

Where do we think? Or more importantly, how are we taught to think? In modern life, it is all about our brain. We rationalise everything….

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Yoga and the Chakras

Amidst the Instagram world of picture perfect poses, it’s easy to lose sight of the underlying meaning of Yoga and the Chakras. Immersed in class…

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I Am

You are more than just your flesh and bones. More than what you call your beauty, more than the belly you keep self criticising, more…

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Qi in the body – An Overview

The depths to which Traditional Chinese Medicine can go seem to have no end – It is a bottomless pit of interdependency, a roundabout which…

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Mind Energy Waves
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The concept of holistic energy

Energy. That illusive concept that goes far deeper than what we understand in a physical manner. It is easy to understand the energy that we…

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The Externality of Us

In economics, an externality is a cost incurred by someone who did not choose to incur that cost. Most of the time, governments try to…

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Our thoughts affect others

The core of current thought on manifestation is that our thoughts have an ability to ‘manifest’ in this physical world and attract to us that…

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Qi or Chi (pronounced ‘chee’) is an eastern concept used in traditional chinese medicine (tcm) and philosophies. In a literal sense qi means ‘gas’ or…

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Black Mirrors

Black mirrors are a scrying and/or meditation tool used primarily by witches for divination. A black mirror rather than a normal mirror is used because…

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