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Stomach – TCM

The Stomach in TCM is responsible for ripening and rotting of food. It is called the ‘sea of grain and water’. It’s function is digestion…

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Kinder chocolate likely to contain carcinogens

Kinder chocolate is likely to contain known carcinogens which cause cancer and is mutagenic according to the German health authority. Tests carried out on the…

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Finding your life goal

So many of us fall into the trap of just working our way through life. We go to jobs every day that neither inspire us…

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Ancient computer deciphered

It was probably the stuff of legends. An ancient computer so complicated only the brightest and smartest of the age could use or understand it….

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In the Chariot, we see a man standing in his chariot, holding a wand in his right hand. A crown with a star adorns his…

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Parsnip Coffee

I like coffee. Too much. Not only is it an expensive habit but I’m not entirely convinced it’s good for you – particularly when big…

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Hill of Tara stone vandalised

An iconic, 5,000 year old stone at the top of the Hill of Tara in Ireland has been vandalised. Paint now covers the Lia Fail…

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Red Sauce

This is a simple and quick red sauce that goes great with pasta and spaghetti. Total time is approx. 30 minutes including preparation. As always,…

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