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Looking Diagnosis in TCM

There is a lost art (and I use the term ‘art’ deliberately) in examining a patient or even ourselves. Simply by looking at ourselves and…

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Microcosmic Orbit
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The Microcosmic Orbit and its relationship to the cosmos

The Microcosmic orbit is reputed to give higher energy to the practitioner but in many ways, it mimics that which we see in the greater cosmos.

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Qi Circulation

When studying or reading about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it can appear at first glance to be very functional – this point for that illness…

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Qi in the body – An Overview

The depths to which Traditional Chinese Medicine can go seem to have no end – It is a bottomless pit of interdependency, a roundabout which…

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conception vessel
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Conception Vessel

The Conception Vessel (‘Ren Mai’) runs along the midline of the front of the body and forms a Qi circuit with the Governing Vessel which…

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Pericardium Meridian
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The Pericardium meridan originates in the middle of the chest where a branch descends through the upper, middle and lower burners (it is paired with…

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Triple Warmer Meridian

The triple warmer meridian (also known as the San Jiao, triple burner or energizer!) is paired with the Pericardium meridian. Yang in nature, it runs…

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Urinary Bladder TCM

The Urinary Bladder in TCM (UB) is a Fu (yang) organ paired with the Kidney. Similar to western medicine, the UB stores fluids but in…

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Gall Bladder TCM

The Gall Bladder in TCM is responsible for storing and secreting bile produced by the Liver. It secretes it into the Small Intestine to aid…

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Stomach – TCM

The Stomach in TCM is responsible for ripening and rotting of food. It is called the ‘sea of grain and water’. It’s function is digestion…

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