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Sahasrara – Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, is located at the very top of the head and it is through this chakra that we connect with not…

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Ajna – Forehead Chakra

Ajna is the center of our awareness and intuition. It is our spiritual home and where we come to know who we are. Our intuition,…

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Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

Vishuddha or our throat chakra, is our fifth chakra and has the role of purifying awareness and giving us that sense of inner clarity. On…

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Anahata Chakra
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Anahata – Heart Chakra

The Anahata Chakra is our Heart Chakra and lies at the center of our chakra system. It is the turning point between the three lower…

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Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Located between our navel and solar plexus, the Manipura Chakra is our self esteem, confidence and self assurance. After overcoming the negatives of¬†Svadhisthana¬† (2nd chakra),…

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Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra
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Swadhisthana – Sacral Chakra

Swadhisthana, the ‘residence of the self’ or Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdominal near the base of the coccyx or tailbone. The name…

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Muladhara – Root Chakra

The Muladhara Chakra, or root charka, lies at the base of the spine (beneath the coccyx) and is where dormant kundalini resides. It is from…

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