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The card of Justice in the Tarot depicts a King or person of royalty sitting upon a stone throne, two pillars on either side of…

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Wheel of Fortune

A card heavy in symbolism, the Wheel of Fortune depicts winged animals in each of the four corners namely a human, lion, bird and bull….

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The Hermit

A solitary figure stands holding his staff in one hand, a lantern in the other. Head bowed and clothed in a hooded cloak, The Hermit…

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The Tarot card of Strength shows woman dressed in a white flowing gown tames or pats a lion on the head, the other hand on…

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In the Chariot, we see a man standing in his chariot, holding a wand in his right hand. A crown with a star adorns his…

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The Lovers

The sixth card of the major arcana, The Lovers is a colourful and busy card. A man and woman are depicted naked in a landscape….

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The Hierophant

The Hierophant sits upon his throne, giant pillars to either side of him. His crown is that of gold, his robe of red with crosses…

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The Emperor

Seated on his throne, The Emperor faces the querent full on. In one hand, he holds the Egyptian Ankh. Rams heads are engraved upon his…

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The Empress

Seated on her throne, The Empress gazes back at the viewer. In her right hand she holds a staff topped with an orb. Golden grains…

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The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits on her throne between two pillars inscribed with ‘B’ and ‘J’ respectively. One pillar is black, the other white. Her dress…

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