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Our Gut Health, Science and the Ancients

Sometimes you have to go full circle to really know where you started. It seems a bit that way with our understanding of how our…

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Gut Health

It’s amazing to think that even within our own body we aren’t the majority shareholder. We are composed of 30 trillion human cells that make…

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For a plant that can be grown almost anywhere, it’s amazing that over 66% of garlic consumed worldwide is actually grown in China (other figures…

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Melon, Kiwi & Kale Smoothie

Kale can be difficult to incorporate into smoothies without its seaweed/cabbage taste overpowering the other fruits. I find this smoothie great as it’s easy to…

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I’m slow to use the term ‘wonder food’ for any single item. Our bodies aren’t designed to overdose on any particular food but as a…

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Tangy chickpea soup

Chickpea soup, easy and packs a healthy punch! This soup is great when you want something that little bit different. There’s a real tang to…

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One of the easiest herbs to grow, chives never seem to make it into the list of many gardeners, herbalists, shamans or witches which is…

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Flat Bread

Flat bread is great. It is so easy to make, cooks quickly and is delicious straight out of the pan. Making your own bread is…

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Mango, carrot and orange juice

This Mango, Carrot and Orange juice is a real easy drinking juice that is great first thing in the morning or on a hot summer…

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Homemade pizza, no cheese

Cheese. It’s everywhere. On chips, burgers, pasta, sandwiches – the list is endless. The US Department of Agriculture reckons we’re eating over 30 pounds of…

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