There is a universal truth that links all things. This site is dedicated to understanding that truth and the manner in which it manifests in this world.

There are a wide range of topics covered on this site – I am not an expert on any of them and have no qualification to speak of. I study them because I believe they hold an understanding of this universal truth that they have applied to their particular area.

It doesn’t seem to matter what topic you pick – anything dealing in the metaphysical can be traced back to the manner in which our consciousness and energy work. When we delve deeper, even the physical world is only a response to the non-physical and our lives are only the result of an invisible energy form that is shaped by the consciousness of all beings.

What then is our consciousness, where does it derive from and what is the journey that we are all on?

I hope that this site is helpful to you as you discover your own truth to these questions.

Daniel Adrian.