Leo Star Sign

The Leo Star Sign is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac and falls between July 23 and August 22. It’s symbol is that of the Lion and it is one of the fire signs. Leo’s are the signs rolling right into the limelight. They’ll happily take their place first, cameras flashing and the center of attention and it can almost seem as if they crave drama and excitement in their lives. This comes through in their relationships more than anything and they are likely to have intense partnerships that never stop going from one drama to the next. But Leo can also be unflinchingly loyal and has a strength found in few other signs of the Zodiac.

Leo Star Sign
Leo Star Sign

Just like the Sun is at the center of our ‘world’, so Leo is the center of theirs. Ruling the Heart, Leo offers a fiery love that will never fizzle out – but this can also flip to a sharp burning of those who cross them or fail to live up to their standards. Leo will always push for success which can sometimes come across as arrogance. Unafraid of conflict, Leo is well able to hold their own corner in an argument and like a lion sensing weakness, knows which buttons to push in their partner. The pride and ego of a Lion shines through in them and at once they will both care what others think yet walk among enemies in the pursuit of being right. Leo is constantly burning inside and every so often will erupt just like a sun flare. This temper won’t last long but it can be enough to make enemies quickly. A Leo won’t really care though. It’s just not in their nature.

The star sign of Leo falls between Cancer and Virgo and the constellation falls between 120 degrees and 150 degrees. It is a fixed sign, meaning they can be stubborn but also steady in their purpose.

As they go through life the bravery of a Leo will grow giving them a deep source of determination. From this, a Leo will take on tasks that many others would shirk away from.

In love, Leo has to be the center of attention. They need to be admired and constantly reminded of how great they are. This may seem shallow but it’s more than made up for with the strength Leo brings to the partnership. They are very loyal. It is a Leo that will carry both partners through many hard patches – they will be practical and determined that the family and relationship will prosper rather than fail. When others are holding their head in their hands, Leo are driving on, refusing to accept failure and pushing through obstacles with a conviction that they and they alone are right. In relationships, that can be invaluable – just sometimes, don’t bother looking at the trail of destruction left behind from the path of Leo. They certainly won’t. This sense of loyalty and dedication can translate into lots of presents in a relationship and they will find it difficult to understand whey they don’t get the same level of dedication in return.

What you see with Leo is what you get. They are comfortable being themselves even when that makes others uncomfortable. They will be entertaining and the life of the Sun will shine out through their eyes – and heart. Flirtatious certainly but don’t mistake that for disloyalty. They crave attention and can happily go through life flirting with everyone but not taking their eyes from their partner.

Leo – The Lion

In work, it’s leadership they excel in. They can be bossy – but that’s only because they view themselves as right. All of the time. They naturally find themselves in leadership roles and relish taking on challenges. It will be done their way and done right and woe betide the person who doesn’t fall in line. At the same time, Leo will care about everyone on the team and will go out of their way to take care of those around them. At work, Leo needs to see the reason behind the work. They will find it hard to motivate themselves for meaningless tasks but when they work at something they believe in, they are a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to know the truth about something, ask a Leo. They tend to be straightforward with their opinions. Most of the time, Leo is open and honest. The flip side of this is a Lion on a hunt – Leo can fall off the wagon and become utterly devious and sneaky when they are searching for something in their life. It doesn’t happen often, but to every bright side is a dark side.

Leos are social creatures. They love family gatherings, friends, parties – anywhere they can make a connection. In the right mood, it is the Leo that is the life of the party and they’ll be comfortable with all eyes on them. Their personality will infect others, nearly egging others on until they party gets out of control. They take risks, they are unafraid of new things and go through life always seeking exciting challenges.

It’s difficult to be a Leo and hide away from the limelight. Yet at times, that is exactly what Leo needs to do to recharge. Think of the Lion lying out in the Sun resting. He may be quiet, but make no mistake about who needs to feel in charge and admired. This constant need for attention and the preening of their egos can make them overly sensitive to criticism although any negative comment is usually met with a sharp roar of a backlash.

In the Tarot cards, there are two cards commonly ascribed to Leo. The first is Strength because it is the 8th card of the Tarot and corresponds to the month of August (the 8th month of the year). The second card attributed to Leo is that of The Sun. Both cards have common attributes of positivity, courage, brightness and strength and these aptly describe those born under the Leo star sign.

Dates: July 23rd to August 22nd.

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Ruling House: Fifth

Planet: Sun

Metal: Gold

Colour: Gold / Orange

Anatomy: Heart

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