Gemini Star Sign

The Gemini star sign falls approximately between May 21st and June 21st and its symbol is that of the Twins. Immediately, the symbolism of the Twins gives rise to a duality – and this plays out in Gemini’s uncanny ability to see both sides to just about everything. In numerology, One (1) is the first manifestation of everything – it is the eternal, infinite Creator. Two (2) then, is the creative energy that drives everything – at once yin and yang, positive and negative, male and female. When we arrive at Three (3), we are the realization or creation of something. At Three, that something has come into being and the first Triad of all creation has been completed.

That the symbol of duality (Two – The Twins) is used to characterise the Third (Three) sign of the Zodiac makes for a deeply interesting personality. They are adept at sensing and adopting to the energy of those around them and the Gemini you know could well be a different person in another setting. This is their Yin and Yang sides and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It also means they are at once grounded but spiritual, fun but serious, easy going and stressed, shallow and deep. They often fall into the danger of trying to be everything to everyone so easy is their ability to fit into every situation.

Castor and Pollux (known as the Dioscuri - 'Twins')
Castor and Pollux (known as the Dioscuri – ‘Twins’)

This inherent creative energy means they are full of optimism. They move forward with the speed and agility of the the Two’s in numerology and will usually make a success of wherever they find themselves – this is the Three’s of numerology coming into play – their ability to manifest whatever position they desire matches their position as the Third House of the Zodiac. This speed of creative energy finds a natural home in their mind – being of the element Air they never cease thinking and will have things figured out a lot quicker than most – albeit with the double edged sword of seeing both sides of everything.

Their Air element is forever moving through their mind. Thoughts zip past, at breakneck speed and they are always probing in their questions and queries. Not with any malice, but they are naturally curious to know. They have a wide field of knowledge but at times it can be frustrating because it may lack depth of any one topic. They are adept at making connections between different subjects, joining the dots across seemingly disparate fields to create unified theories.

The Twins used to depict Gemini are Castor and Pollux (known as the Dioscuri, or in Latin, Gemini – literally, ‘Twins’). There are different tales of how they were born and from who but one version of the story is that they had different fathers – Castor was born a mortal, his father being Tyndareus, the Spartan King. Pollus was born divine or immortal, the son of Zeus. Pollus wanted to share his immortality with his brother Castor and so Zeus transformed them in the constellation of Gemini. Here again we see this recurring theme of Gemini having a foot in both worlds – and even though they may appear earthly and fun, there is a deeper and spiritual side to Gemini that runs very deep.

Sydney Hall - Gemini
Sydney Hall – Gemini

The constellation of Gemini lies between Taurus in the West and Cancer in the East. The end date of this constellation of June 21st coincides approximately with the Summer Solstice. It is no accident then that Gemini has the fast and awakening movement of Sprint with the endless optimism of Summer. The Gemini constellation is relatively easy to find in the night skies in the Northern hemisphere, it’s two brightest stars being Pollux and then, Castor.

Those born under the Gemini star sign have a sense of energy can see them moving effortlessly from one party to the next, from one friend to the next, from one lover to the next. Books are skimmed through, quickly. Skills are picked up easily but maybe never finessed with years of dedication. Having a fast moving planet like Mercury who is good with communications is a key essence of those born under Gemini. This doesn’t mean that they will never settle down because when they find their soul mate, they are absolutely loyal. Rest assured, Gemini will keep the fun in any relationship, long after the initial butterflies have passed. This is the two sides to Gemini coming through – the ability to skim through relationships but then transforming into their Twin and being dedicated to the relationship that they decide upon – something akin to Pollus wanting to give his immortality to his twin brother. You can bet it’ll never get boring. Dinner parties, drinking, nights out, walks, hikes, adventures – whatever keeps the Gemini moving and ticking will be enacted at short notice and on a whim.

Gemini Symbol
Gemini Symbol

If you want keen insight, ask a Gemini. Unlikely to be the shoulder to cry on, they have an amazing analytical ability that cuts through all the emotional crap people tend to throw around. Because they are also so fast moving, this opinion can change pretty quickly and don’t be surprised to find a Gemini literally doing something they said they wouldn’t. Their ability to analyse and adopt means they are changeable and they will take a u-turn and take off in the opposite direction while the rest of us are still wondering if we can turn at all. People mistake this for being shallow, but in fact, it is the result of a mind that is able to analyse, analyse, analyse at speed. Gemini’s always fees free to change their direction when the information garnered supports it.

Curiosity comes naturally to the Gemini star sign. They have to know – EVERYTHING! This leads to many travels of a quick nature. They will immerse themselves in a culture for a short time before getting restless and moving on. Long holidays in one place – while sounding great in theory to them – will quickly bore them once they arrive.

Gemini are naturals at having large groups of friends – or maybe acquaintances would be a more accurate description. They will be at ease talking to any of them but only when the need arises. That can mean gathering up information that feeds their mind and decisions. Only a few will make it to the deep side of Gemini and they usually remain friends for life.

When Gemini’s go to the deep side of their personality, it’s usually to recuperate, re-balance – and learn something new. All at the same time. They should take downtime often, but in small amounts. They will learn all about a subject faster than most other signs, but maybe never put the information to use in a meaningful way. When they do, they are unstoppable. Being natural communicators, with sharp and analytical abilities means they excel at anything that requires fast response times with an effective narrative. Even when that message is unpopular, they have an uncanny knack of winning people around with their fast arguments and enthusiasm. They will fall into positions where the job matches their need for fast flowing and interesting days. Repetitive days are soul destroying to Gemini and they will struggle to commit to a job that doesn’t spark their imagination.

Gemini’s are excellent speakers and use their hands (a lot!) to communicate when talking. The Air element also rules their lungs (fast sprinters but not long racers!) and nervous system. Balancing the Chakras would be beneficial to any Gemini star sign to smooth out the surges of nervous energy that race through their system.

Dates: May 21 and June 21

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Ruling House: Third

Planet: Mercury

Metal: Quicksilver (mercury)

Colour: Yellow or blue.

Anatomy: Hands, arms, lungs, nervous system.

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