Sex Drive and Spirituality

Could our sex drive be related to how energy within us has the ability to awaken? That it is a pointer towards something deeper within us, a drive to understand our purpose and where we are all going?

Throughout history, sex has had a deep relationship with all things spiritual. There are two sides to this story. The first is the conservative, mainstream religious view of sex – that it is tolerated but ‘too much’ of it is a ‘bad’ thing. Religion needs us to procreate or the religion fails as generations pass by. But every mainstream religion also frowns upon ‘promiscuous’ behaviour – the main ones being sex outside marriage, multiple partners and sex without the goal of procreation. Added to that many organised religions will insist that those minding the flock, such as priests, practice celibacy. What is it with religion that our sexual behaviour should be of such concern?

The second side of the story can be viewed through the prism of the free for all, sex loving hippy. Be with who you want, when you want. Be naked. Run Free. Experiment. Sex in this story is about being who you are and there is chasm separating this world from that of organised religion.

Sex Drive

Modern social rules and constructs have historically been framed by religions and in later years the state. Particularly in the West, we live in a society where sex is framed by the past grip of religions on social standards. Even our beer, once brewed with herbs, flowers and spices, has changed utterly because of the Church’s relationship with sex. The story goes that the traditional beers brewed on a small scale in every village and town used plants found locally to flavour the beer. However some of these plants also had the effect of increasing the libido of those consuming. Enter stage left the humble hop plant which had the opposite effect – it suppressed the libido (hence the “brewer’s droop” name). Hence, the Church (and State – they were pretty much one at the time) decreed that beer could only be brewed with hops in an effort to stamp out what they saw as immoral behaviour.

So why exactly does religion worry so much about our sexual activities? Why does it matter who we’re with, if we’re gay, straight, lesbian, have multiple partners, have sex for pleasure, have sex outside marriage or swing from the rafters? Why would the Church typically cast witches and heathens or any unbeliever as orgy riddled, foul creatures who deserved the wrath of God? Why should rules for the way we behave sexually matter when it comes to our spirituality?

Religion has long known the link between sex drive and spirituality.The energy within us, our life energy is intimately linked with our sex energy. It is also intimately linked with the energy we use to spiritually awaken. You can call it Qi, Kundalini, Light, The Serpent, Ki – they are all closely related concepts from different cultures around the world.

This energy typically enters at the base of the spine. This is our Root Chakra (Muladharda) and this Chakra is our grounding or earthly Chakra. Think of it as our base instincts. And what could be more basic than the drive to have sex and procreate? Energy flows through this base point and from there, we can channel it upwards along our core (or spine) until it reaches our 3rd eye. We begin to see, we begin to awaken and ultimately our crown Chakra at the top of our head is awakened and we understand. The more we engage with this energy in a spiritual manner, the stronger we are able to channel it upwards and so we become better at ‘seeing’ or experiencing universal truth.

However, if we are kept in the dark about this process or are not aware of it, then we have a lot of energy within us to disperse. This typically can be recognised as sex drive and in theory, someone with a high sex drive also has the potential to become very spiritually awakened. For many, this high energy will be dispersed via sex but it also does not mean you are sleeping with the town. It does mean that the Root Chakra is open and working, it does mean that you have abundant energy to channel, it does mean that if this energy could be channeled properly, your thoughts and meditations could be very powerful for you. It does mean that you are probably unaware of how to bring this energy up along with the body to the other major power points in your body.

The thing with this energy is that you do not decide to have a high sex drive. No one really chooses when to get horny or how often. You just do and although you can control the actions resulting from it, you cannot really control the awakening of that base Kundalini energy. It just is. It is different for everyone. Some multiple times a day. Some once a week. There is no right or wrong level. It is arguable that someone with a low sex drive could work on opening the Root Chakra to increase their intake of energy.

Because our Root Chakra is the entry point for much of our energy, it also matters who you have sex with. There is no action we take that does not result in a change in our energy. Even when we think, we are changing the signature pattern of our being and a new energetic field is being shaped around us. Allowing partners to literally enter our bodies significantly changes the energy patterns that we receive and emit. Did you ever hear the theory of husband and wives becoming more like each other over time?

This theory also explains why sex with a soul mate (i.e. someone our soul connects with) is different to a one night stand. The energetic pattern between two souls drawn together is inherently different than anything else. It is the natural merging of both soul energies into one and produces feelings of europhia, love and deep connection.

Someone who has a high sex drive also has the potential to harness that energy towards other purposes. It’s not just sexual energy – it is closely related to creativity, emotional energy and our zest for life. That works both ways. Sometimes high sexual energy can be a impediment to all those things – unprocessed, that energy acts like an energetic block within us, masses of energy undispersed creating a clog in the system. These blocks prevent energy from fully rising towards our Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) and depending where they occur we can experience different symptoms – emotional blocks, digestive issues, hyper activity and highs and lows for example.

Blockages can inhibit our emotional connections to other people and relationships become about sex – because it’s the most instinctive way to release energy. Modern society has created this culture that nicely compartmentalises the individual into their separate tasks that they undertake – we view emotions as unrelated to say our work, or our spiritual endeavors as unrelated to our relationships. Our illnesses are symptomatic of the sum way in which we live our lives, the way we eat, connect, process emotions, work, the home we live in and who we hang out with. But medicine today treats a lot of these as separate and distinct from each other rather the one living entity that we are. Up to now, there has been no recognition of the interrelated role all these things play in our health and it is only now we are becoming more aware and attuned to that reality.

Sexual arousal is the awakening to a different level of consciousness. It is the life force within us and the creative principle. How we use that energy differs from person to person – some use it creatively, others use it by overworking. When we are unaware of our own energy levels, it is easy to disperse it by a myriad of means because we fail to stop and consider what lies within us.

To the person awakening or looking at their life for meaning, coming to know your own energy is crucial in elevating to higher levels. When we control or consciously direct kundalini within the body everything about the person becomes more focused, more intense, more powerful. This is the true reason why religions are concerned with our sexual behaviour because at a basic level, if we abstain from sex (i.e. the release of life energy) or practice celibacy, your thoughts and the energy generated becomes more powerful. When we then pray, we release that energy out into the universe.

A fervent flock of adherents to a religion is a powerful force in the universe. Think along the lines of devoted followers using energy to benefit their religion or god. Controlling the urge of life energy within us (i.e. sex drive) and diverting it to goals specified by a religion engenders a manner of obedience that is a necessity for any organisation. However, this level of unconscious obedience means any opening of the flood gates produces a complete break down of control – on a metaphysical level we have a flooding of energy that we are unable to control and so it manifests in our physical lives as uncontrolled sexual drive. This has the danger of being harmful, not only to our own sense of worth, but to taking advantage of those around us.

Our sex drive then, can be be a signal towards a deeper level of energy that is there waiting to be consciously used. It is worth remembering that universal energy is forever flowing, ever changing, at once nothing and everything and cannot be grasped and named because it is so subtle. This energy that comprises sex drive is just that – a subtle level of energy that can be consciously channeled into just about any end goal that we want – sex being the obvious one and enlightenment being the illusive one.

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