Taurus Star Sign

Taurus (Latin for ‘Bull’) is the Steer of the Sky and this sign falls to those born between April 21st – May 21st. The first words that are invariably used to describe Taureans are dependable, solid, loyal and patient but once stirred to action, their temper can cause them to move to aggressive action and little will stop them at this point.

Taurus Star Sign Symbol - Image from Pixabay
Taurus Star Sign Symbol – Image from Pixabay

There is a wealth and a complex personality to those born under Taurus. A fixed sign, Taureans can be slow to action and dislike quick decisions. They carefully plot their actions in advance and are perfectly comfortable doing so on their own. In this way, they can have things as they like them and go at a pace that suits them. This can be perceived as stubbornness but is in fact more likely the result of careful planning. There is always a reason for a the actions of a Taurus.

Their persistence pays off, many finishing projects and undertakings that others would simply have given up on. Not for quitting, Taureans grind and grind until they get to where they want to be. They are the ones who can start with nothing and slowly accumulate everything they desire. They are the ones who can start on the bottom rung and work their way up, doggedly tackling each step along the way. It would be wise to avoid an endurance test with a Taurean. Where others will start in a flash of motivation, the stubborn discipline of a Taurus will see them triumphant at the finish line long after everyone else went home half way through. Determination is a keyword for Taurus.

Taurus will accumulate things over a long time frame so can make excellent savers and investors. Long term investments in stocks and shares that play out over years and offer a degree of security will be a natural fit for this star sign.

Taurus Star Sign - the BullJohannes Hevelius drew the constellation Canes Venatici in Uranographia, his celestial catalogue in 1690.
Taurus Star Sign – the BullJohannes Hevelius drew the constellation Canes Venatici in Uranographia, his celestial catalogue in 1690.

Given their hard working nature, those born under the star sign Taurus are not averse to spoiling themselves with the results. Their planet is Venus, the planet of love and luxury and the home of a Taurean can be a special place. Plush, comfortable and beautiful, those born under Taurus enjoy their creature comforts. The arts, music and fashion are all appreciated especially within the home. It is import for bulls to have a happy home life and in their view, a pleasing home will help with that. While the luxurious surroundings may not happen overnight, it is a goal that is pursued over the years and steadily achieved, much like any goal a Taurus might set themselves.

The planet of Venus also means Bulls are sensual lovers and careful to please their partner. Loyal and passionate, Taurus will be protective of those in the family and will be to the fore in defending the family from any perceived threat.

For all their love of fine things, Taurus is very practical and down to earth. They will not muse and wonder about the fairies in a picture but will appreciate a picture for being pleasing to the eye. They do not fly off on sudden tangents nor flit from project to project. They are conservative in nature, preferring what they know to the unfamiliar. Wealth and success is accumulated at a steady pace and often comes from doing repeatedly what they are good at.

On the surface, Taureans can be quiet sociable but there are few that get close enough to truly earn the trust of this sign. They are they ones at the party that everyone talks to, people naturally opening up to the solidity and trustworthy nature of this sign. They are the ones to whom people instinctively confide secrets they would tell no-one else. Yet, a Taurus will reveal only the superficial nature of themselves. It is only a close circle of family and friends that truly know the secrets of a Taurus and even fewer that will know the deep depths of a Taurus soul.

Taurus prefers to work at their own pace and do not take kindly to being pushed around or told what to do. Tell a Taurus what to do and you will find their pace of work becomes stubbornly slow. Let a Taurus decide what to do and it is accomplished ten times faster. While they can be pushed to anger, Taurus will calm quickly, their earthly nature soothing their temper. They are hurt easily, words taken to heart and taken personally. They will anger quickly if their security is threatened.

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Planet: Venus

Metal: Copper

Colour: Earthy tones of green, yellow and brown.

Anatomy: Head and neck.

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