Pisces Star Sign

The 12th and final sign of the zodiac, the Pisces Star Sign (February 19th – March 20th) is a water sign and its quality is mutable. Think of the trickle of water that bubbles up from the spring, flows down the mountain and becomes a small stream, winds its way further on and becomes the river, only to eventually flow out into the sea. Along the way, the waters picks up bits and pieces from all around until they become a swollen mass of ocean water, with an understanding of everything around them and where they’ve come from. Even though the sea will chop and change, it is highly intuitive and can empthaise with whatever new water it meets because it already has the experience of where it came from.

Highly intuitive, Pisces pisces symbol often empathize deeply with people and can literally ”feel” how others feel. An easy way to remember this is to think of the last sign of the zodiac as having a little piece of all the other signs thrown into it – meaning Pisces find it easy to identify with just about any other sign. Pisces will empathize with people from all nationalities and cultures.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter was Lord of the Gods and Neptune is the God of the sea.

Being mutable means Pisces can chop and change moods, often swinging from one mood to the next, perhaps inspired by events around them, the feelings of others or simply the music playing in the background. They can be deeper than first impressions give off and are creative individuals.

Their ruler Neptune is the god of Communications so it is no surprise that they are communicative.

Given the vast depths of their ability to empathize and understand, Pisces rarely dream about getting the top job at the office. Their dreams transcend that. World peace is more likely a dream and one that would be held deeply by Pisces.

Sadness is an integral part of Pisces. It is hard to be so in tune with others and not pick up the inherent sadness that exists in this world. Sometimes it will get too much and Pisces will retreat into their own dreamy world – dreaming of that perfect place where sadness and hurt do not exist. The same happens at low points in the Pisces journey such as at times when their relationship breaks up, Pisces will again retreat to an illusionary world. Thankfully, these periods never last long. Mulling over their thoughts, Pisces will be up and about again in no time, invigorated and ready to move closer to their ideal world.

It is not uncommon for other signs to mistake this Pisces withdrawal as somewhat spacey or dreamy, and there is an element of truth to that. But for Pisces, this temporary escape place is an important method to recharge the batteries and shutdown the deep intuition that affects them daily. Without an escape to a more illusionary world, Pisces risk being constantly bombarded by the feelings and emotional thoughts of others.

Pisceans face a danger here, in that they need to be aware of their tendency to escape from the real world. Often, Pisceans will interpret the world around them as they wish it to be rather than what it is. Their escapist fantasy world will color the real world, potentially dragging the Piscean into a dream like existence. While such may be of comfort to the Piscean, it serves only to cover up life than deal with it.

Given their huge ability to feel, many pisceans may shy away naturally from man made orders and rules. Shopping lists, appointment times and structured workdays can be difficult to adjust too for this emotional water sign. Pisceans need to be aware of being emotionally manipulated by others and listen to their own inner intuition and not just their empathy with others.

The Pisces Star Sign is two fish swimming in opposite directions, with a chord connecting them at the mouth. The symbolism in the sign speaks of conflicted Pisces, often torn apart by the feelings of others and needing to be decisive at times and break the chord to save itself and make progress in life. The conflicting desires of the two fish to swim in different directions need to be resolved by a Piscean many times throughout their lives or they run the risk of living a confused and chaotic life, making little progress towards their goals. A Greek myth says the two fish are Aphrodite and her son Eros, who transformed themselves to escape Typhon and tied together at the mouths to make sure they do not lose each other.

Pisces Star Sign Symbol
Pisces Star Sign Symbol

When Pisceans decide on a path and learn to control their emotional ”connection” to others, they can quickly excel in their chosen career. Using their natural advantage to empathize and sense how others feel can make them popular leaders both in business and social life.

As one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, it’s little wonder love plays an important part in life. When romance is positive, Pisces are full of light and deeply happy. When romance is absent or love in short supply, Pisces can be moody and depressive – if not withdrawn into another more romantic dream world. Their intuition makes them adept at matters of the occult, divination and spirituality.

Pisces Star Sign properties

Dates: February 19th – March 20th
Metal: Tin
Stone: Coral, Jade, Blooodstone
Anatomy: Associated with the Veins and feet.
Exaltation: Venus
Fall: Mercury
Detriment: Mercury

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