Acquarius Star Sign

Acquarius is an air sign and one of the fixed signs of the zodiac. Its ruler is Uranus. Traditionally, Saturn ruled this sign and many astrologers view Saturn and Uranus as co-rulers. The description of Acquarius is that of the water bearer, a description that comes from Greek mythology. Ganymede was a beautiful young woman with whom the god Zeus fell in love with. She was carried off by Zeus (in the disguise of an eagle) to be a cup bearer for the gods. In ancient myths, she was also responsible for the great floods. Images resembling Aquarius have been found from the Babylonian period, so the Greek myth is a newer version of a story that probably stretches back centuries beforehand.

Symbol of Acquarius

Acquarius dates: January 21 to February 19

The world is currently in the Age of Acquarius, which (according to whom you listen to) started either in 1900-04 or 1970-74. Therefore the broad attributes of Aquarius will begin to be felt by mankind right up until the year 2,600.

Uranus is the ruler of the skies and heavens. It is associated with genius and individuality, inventions and unconventional ideas. It rules freedom and originality. These characteristics play out in Aquarians across every facet of their lives. This produces strong characters who grab and hold the interest of those they meet.

Acquarius - the water bearer
Acquarius – The Water Bearer

While the majority of Aquarians are lively, outgoing and exuberant souls, their depth of character can be hidden away behind a facade of fun loving personality. Don’t let that deceive you for if they are having fun, it’s because they are constantly seeking ways to better their lives and the lives of those around them. Frivolity is one way of undertaking this. Humanitarianism is one of the characteristics at their core and their concern for a wide circle of friends is one expression of this humanitarianism.

Being one of the fixed star signs, Aquarians are stubborn in their opinions and beliefs but like the other air signs they can see both sides of an argument. They are not stubborn enough to hold to their opinion when presented with evidence to the contrary, but they do carry strong convictions that are slow to change. This ability to see both sides of an argument and learn from it when necessary naturally lends itself to a practical and sensible nature that emerges frequently when faced with a job or situation. It is also the reason why Aquarians make good inventors.


That practical nature can blend seamlessly with a sign that is imaginative and intuitive to present logical and innovative solutions to problems. Those born under Acquarius are independent, not because they are loners or leaders, but because their intellect and reasoning suggests a path or solution to them which manifests through their fixed nature and once decided on a path, they will follow it coldly and logically despite what everybody else may be doing. For this reason, they do not follow the crowd and can often be found being the de-facto leaders even if not the actual leader of a group. Instinctively, Aquarians are different to the rest because they see alternative, better solutions to issues and problems than everybody else.

Following a path that theyve decided is the best course of action holds no fear for them, even when that path leads them into uncharted waters. The excitement of discovering something new and original appeals to them, whether that be a new city or invention, both stimulate the mind of an Aquarian.

That the mind of an Aquarian is so active suggests a need for a time out or retreat, a period with which they can recharge their significant energetic reserves. This can be a break away for a weekend or losing themselves on the couch watching a movie. Even during such down time, their mind is still fiercely active and will in all probability be tasking itself with considerations on the future and how it can be made better, either for themselves, a group or the world as a whole. Aquarians should learn relaxation and/or meditation techniques, because their desire for originality, uniqueness and inventiveness can drive many of them to distraction!

Given their interest in the future and desire to make things better, technology holds no fear for Aquarians and this applies to both male and female. An Aquarian with the latest gadgets need not necessarily be ”gadget man” but could equally turn out to be ”gadget woman”.

Aquarians make friends easily. Their concern for others, zest for life and drive to forge their own path, ideally places them in situations where friendship comes naturally. Despite a wide social circle, only very few will make it to the inner circle of an Aquarian.

Because originality and new things draw their interest so easily, Aquarians often flirt from one thing to the next. On a superficial level, a new dance class today can be dropped tomorrow in favour of a new music class. The new guy at the office will be the centre of attention this week. Next week, it’s the turn of the new girl. Yet both, in the minds of an Aquarian, are friends, though not necessarily close, ”secret sharing” friends.

Commitment often scares Aquarians. With so much to discover and do, commitment features far down the list of priorities. With so much mental activity focused on the future, it can be difficult for Aquarians to focus on the here and now because there is always the “What if” scenario that could occur in the future. But when they do commit, Aquarians are fully committed. They will go to great lengths to please their partner – in the process keeping the relationship new and innovative. Aquarians keep their word and expect the same in return.

In careers, Aquarians are great at anything involving innovation, invention, problem solving or forging new solutions. The day to day details can be a chore for an Aquarian so careers involving the big picture are better suited. Politicians, marketing consultants, product designers, business consultants.

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