Amethyst is a relatively common quartz that attains its royal purple color from iron. It can vary in color from pale lilac to a deep purple – the deeper colors more likely to be turned into fine gemstones. Jewellers can intensify the color by applying heat to the stone. It is likely to shade strong at the tip and weaken to pale at the base.

The name comes from the Greek ametusthos (‘not drunken’) as they believed drinking vessels carved from amethyst would prevent intoxication. It was associated with royalty, clear headedness and spirituality. Amethyst is a good all round healer and calming stone. Before you go off believing it will allow you to stay sober, its anti-intoxication properties should be understood in a wider context of preventing over indulgence, temper and wandering passions. Greek soldiers would wear the crystal into battle to steady themselves.

Amethyst can help in meditation and inducing an undisturbed sleep. It can be a great stone to use when imbalance exists between two polarities. As it is attributed with clarity of mind and spirituality, amethyst can be placed around the body and on the third eye to aid with vision work and connection to the divine.

In healing, amethyst can be used to help in treating anxiety, nervousness, temper and severe emotional swings. When we need to find a center point or hit the reset button to return to a calming place, amethyst is the stone to reach for. Either use the stone in active meditation to aid the centering process or place under your pillow at night. Due to its calming effect, it can also be used in situations where withdrawal symptoms from stopping addictions are being felt.

It is associated with the third eye and crown chakras (6th and 7th chakras).

Amethyst Characteristics:

Mohs hardness: 7
System: Trigonal crystal system.
Lustre: Vitreous
Color: purple / violet of varying shades and hues
Deity: Dionysus, Diana,
Element: Wind
Magickal Uses: Meditation, protection, balance

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