Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is a (metamorphic) mix of rock, iron oxide deposits and red jasper, the latter giving the red layers that can be seen on closer inspection and the iron oxide giving it various hues of brown. Its formation gives it a chatoyant effect, meaning it changes colour in different light and angles. It resembles a tiger’s (or cat’s) eye and like most stones resembling eyes are good protective amulets.

This is a stone for entrepreneurs and those starting out in business. It helps clarity, third eye vision, balance and repelling negative energy meaning it is fantastic at diffusing all the toxicity that can gather in people dealing in the materialistic world of commerce. It is also a great motivational stone and thus is used widely to manifest wishes and keep them in the minds eye. Within the stone are many fine lines and these help the stone too act as an energy mover or shifter.

Most Tigers Eye is mined in Australia and South Africa and if you are holding one right now, there’s a good chance it’s from these countries. Other sources are India, USA, Nambia, Brazil, China, Spain, Canada and Korea.

Just like the Tiger, this stone is one to make you get up and take on a challenge. Balancing our chakras and reflecting negative energy naturally gives us more energy to tackle our dreams. For this reason (and it’s not too expensive!), Tiger’s Eye is used in lots of meditation bracelets and jewellery. Placed on the root, sacral or solar plexus chakras it actives practical, grounding energy. Placed on the third eye or throat chakras, it shifts energy to aid good communication and ideas.

Its ability to encourage us to apply ourselves towards a goal also makes it a great stone to have around when studying or taking exams. It is a natural stone for honing our attention and focus.

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