The Pericardium meridan originates in the middle of the chest where a branch descends through the upper, middle and lower burners (it is paired with the San Jiao (Triple warmer) meridian). The main branch crosses the chest where it emerges at the nipple before running down the middle of the interior arm and forearm. It ends at the outer corner of the middle finger nail. The Pericardium is the heart’s protector or ‘bodyguard’. It protects, not just physically, but shields it from damage from the seven emotions. Conversely, if the Pericardium is unbalanced, we may find ourselves unable to experience emotions or have blocked emotional responses.

If you think about it, the core of our body is where we experience our emotions. We do not feel happy in our foot or experience worry in our hand! All these emotional responses we have take place in the chest and our Pericardium is a big part of the chest, defending our very Shen (spirit) which resides in the heart. When we are undergoing a period of intense emotional feeling, you could do worse than look towards the Pericardium as a means of bringing things back into balance.

In older texts, the Pericardium is seen not as an independent organ but as an extension of the Heart meridian.  In clinical practice, the Pericardium is used to treat problems of the Heart such as palpitations, irregular heart beat, general chest disorders and to balance energies between the triple burners. Pain along the meridian and acting crazy (‘mania’) i.e. disorders of the spirit, can indicate problems in the Pericardium.

In cases where we feel a general oppression in the chest, we should try positive affirmations to ourselves or gratitude as a daily (if not several times a day) practice. Directing energy in this way can lift the negativity weighting on the Pericardium and rebalance our emotional energy.

Pericardium MeridianImportant Points to know;

Front Mu point: CV7
Rear Shu Point: UB14
Shu Points: 9,8,7,5,3
Yuan Source: P7
Luo Connecting:  P6
Xi-Cleft: P4

P6: Treates nausea and sickness. Emotional pain, especially from the heart, and also good for restlessness. Stimulate for a few minutes to help strengthen the heart. One of the most powerful points in use.

P7: Anxiety, wrist pain, numbness of hand/fingers.

P8: Treats mania and heart pain.





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