Triple Warmer Meridian

The triple warmer meridian (also known as the San Jiao, triple burner or energizer!) is paired with the Pericardium meridian. Yang in nature, it runs from the tip of the 4th (ring) finger and ends at the lateral end of the eyebrow. It is responsible for the movement and transformation of solids and fluids throughout the body and also circulates nourishment and energy throughout the system.

There are three parts to the triple warmer – the upper part (heart and lungs) is concerned with intake and is located above the diaphragm. The the middle(spleen and stomach) is located between the diaphragm and belly buttom and deals with transformation. The bottom warmer controls elimination and relates to the Liver, UB, Large and Small Intestine. In classical terms, the upper burner operated like a ‘mist’, the middle burner like a ‘foam’ and the lower burner like a ‘swamp’. In practice, the triple warmer is critical to the defensive mechanism of the body and has an ability to ‘jump’ to where it is needed via its ability to network with other meridians.

Problems with the triple burner manifest a issues with water such as abdominal distension, difficulty urinating, tinnitus or pain along with meridian.

Important Points to Know:

Front Mu point: CV5
Rear Shu Point: UB22
Shu Points: 1,2,3,6,10
Yuan Source: SJ4
Luo Connecting: SJ5
Xi-Cleft: SJ7

SJ 3: Ear problems, ‘side head’ migraine and stiffness.
SJ 5: Shoulder pain, ‘side head’ migraine’, fever caused by cold
SJ 10: Should pain
SJ 17: Ear problems, facial paralysis toothache
SJ 23: ‘side head’ headaches, dizziness, conjunctivitus

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