Our thoughts affect others

The core of current thought on manifestation is that our thoughts have an ability to ‘manifest’ in this physical world and attract to us that which we are seeking. Which also means our thoughts affect others. We may not be able to precisely predict or understand how ‘manifestation’ comes about, but by practising manifestation, we begin to align ourselves with our desired outcome and start recognising opportunities that will bring us closer to our goals.

The belief that thoughts have a power or energy associated with them that is able to affect the universe also means that everything we think has an affect. When our minds drift to the endless scenarios of how we will fail, what other people will think, how we appear to others or that we are not worthy of what we wish for – these are all energy blocks that we begin to erect and thus the ‘flow of manifestation’ is blocked.

But what happens when we turn our thoughts to another person or living being? It could be our partner, parents, a pet or anything living.

Consciousness implies that we are aware and able to react to our surroundings. That is not just on a physical level but on all levels. If we were to describe our totality it would encompass not just what we experience in the physical world but what we feel emotionally and think mentally. It would even include what we sense intuitively.

When we think of a person rather than an outcome or event, it means we are sending a wave of energy towards that person. Like all things, there is a yin and yang to this – our thoughts can be good or bad.

Did you ever sense that someone was staring at you without even turning around to look? Or that feeling you get when you sense people talking about you before you enter the room? These are all examples of energy generated by others affecting us. We feel examples like this because the intent in these examples is stronger than someone just wondering how we are doing in a casual type of way.

When we are away from loved ones we may feel their energy surrounding us and so we feel loved. Or when we are having a conversation with someone, we know that despite their words, they think the opposite of us. We have an ability to send and receive energy on a non-physical and non-emotional level.

Building our energy field or our auric defences is one way of blocking any negative flow of energy directed at us. Nearly every culture and tradition that deals with energy in the sense of a universal energy, also holds a belief in an energy field that surrounds the body. When we have a strong energy field we are able to deflect or absorb the energy of others without it affecting us. When our defences are weak, it means that the energy of others can have a substantial impact on us.

Let us use an age old example of witches casting a spell on someone. Building up an energy prior to, during and after the spell, the witches send a stream of energy towards another. It may be to fall in love or like so many fables of old, to curse them. There are two possible outcomes – the spell succeeds or fails.It will succeed if the energy generated by the witches is stronger than the energy of the receiver. Conversely, it will fail if the energy of the receiver is stronger than that of the witches.

This simple example ignores the universal energy that is between the witches and receiver and the energy of others. All of these variables will impact the end result but we will ignore them here!

What is critical is that the receiver’s energy is open to receiving the energy directed by the witches. Natural healers use the same principle of energy to bring about a healing. That is, we have an ability to direct or generate a flow of energy that travels towards the object we think about.

Take Reiki for example. Using a universal energy, the practitioner directs this energy to the patient in the area that it is required. This happens because the practitioner channels the energy –  it does not automatically happen otherwise there would be no need for the practitioner in the first place. This suggests that the universal energy (or the qi in Reiki) is more powerful when we consciously think about it.

Every little thought we have produces an effect in the universe. So when we think of another that thought produces a wave that can be ‘picked up’ by the receiver if they are open to it. The implication of this, is that we have the ability to know what others think of us and how they view us.

Another good example of this is the ‘creep’ that makes us feel uncomfortable. We don’t know them, have never met them, yet even their presence around us makes us tense and anxious. Behind the scenes, this ‘creep’ is mentally undressing us, thinking bad of us and fantasising about us. This is akin to sending a stream of negative energy our way. On a physical level, nothing has happened but the wave of energy we receive is out of kilter with our own energy and thus we experience it as uncomfortable. To another person, this ‘creep’ may be the best thing ever because they want this person to fantasise about them or they have a different experience or thought process that is in alignment with the ‘creep’.

Becoming aware of this energy means we should be careful what we think of others. We all have people around us that are able to press our buttons and send us into an anger. We meet people most days that annoy and vex us. We cannot understand why they act the way they do or why they would seek to aggravate us. We ourselves think bad of other people or in a fit, wish them ill. The practise of gratefulness is one way of balancing these emotions.

How to elevate your consciousness

These people that we meet that vex us are the ones that lead to our growth. They are the ones that we learn from because instead of going to anger we can instead choose to go to a positive place. We cannot control them and their actions but we can control our response. This decision to instead be happy or send them love and gratitude, means we send out an energy wave that negates their one. Almost as if we carry out a counter-attack, we can generate a wave of positivity that cancels their negative wave.

Our thoughts on others are our biggest challenge. We all, throughout the day, meet people that we judge, view them sexually, negatively or think ourselves better than them. Transcending this means we grow ourselves and even better, we get to help them on their journey too. Instead of a negative thought, sending a thought of unconditional love towards someone means that we ‘get over’ the ego side of us and begin to act from the soul side.

I often think of people describing a divine experience or the time they got to meet their guru. Invariably, the description of the experience always encompasses an expression of ‘I felt at peace’.

This feeling is the result of not being judged. You are accepted for who you are including all your past failings and actions. You feel peace because you know that the divine or this guru you are meeting accepts you for who you are and is not in the process of looking you up and down and wishing you were better, someone else or that you would act differently. When we are with our true friends we have moments where we are incredibly happy – these are the times when our friends are not judging us. They are not conscious of what we do for a living, the way we look, what we are wearing, what we have done in the past – they are just enjoying our company and we theirs.

This feeling of peace therefore is the result of a stream of energy that is accepting in nature. It is loving. It is natural. It is a stream of energy that is grateful for the experience. We too can emit that towards everybody we meet in our lives. Rather than this anxiety driven stream of energy we emit as we meet people and instantly seek to figure out their status in relation to ours we can focus our thoughts on being grateful.

When we try this, the we elevate ourselves to a higher way of thinking! We maintain our balance, strengthen our energy field and attract more positive energy into our lives from the universe as a whole.

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