The Sun – Tarot

The Sun in the Tarot depicts a smiling baby sits on a white horse, holding a bright banner in its left hand. On the baby’s head is a king’s crown. The Sun looms large in the background, a face from within starting back at us and yellow rays radiating outwards. In the background seems to be some sort of wall with flowers blooming atop.

The Sun is the nineteenth card of the Major Arcana and traditionally the Sun has been seen as representative of the male diety. The Moon (in the previous card) was the divine female. The Sun heralds a new day, a new dawn, although if you had lived in the times of the Druids, the night was seen as the start of the day.

The Sun in the Tarot and in real life brings new life forth with it. When the Sun’s heat begins to warm Mother Earth in the spring, it is only then that life awakens from its deep winter slumber. It is therefore fitting to see the baby riding on the horse, his coming a symbol of innocence, purity and good intention. The crown on the baby’s head symbolises the power this baby holds – perhaps he is already king. The card can herald a time when the world responds to our good intentions. If we can put out the very best within us, we will be met with Kings coming to us smiling. We should approach life like that of the child – fully of fun, hope, wonder, happiness and innocence.

Perhaps we have been through a rough time lately. We see this by following the path of the Major Arcana, where the Tower tumbled in the 16th card, only to have the Star and Moon follow and bring a period of reflection and peace. Now we face the Sun, full of hope and new life and a new zest for life. Now is not the time to become a shrinking violet. The New King (the baby) holds his banner aloft, no longer needing to hide or shy away from what is a new day.

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The Sun in the Tarot

The banner being held in the left hand also symbolises the passive or subconscious mind. We should be mindful of our thoughts at this time, being careful to instruct our subconscious mind of what we wish to accomplish. The flowers depicted in the card, (possibly sunflowers) depict the four quarters or four seasons, four suits of the Tarot

This is a positive card to receive in a reading. Go forth with confidence and happiness and do not dwell on your fears but feel alive and positive. In business, love or personal queries, the card signifies that whatever difficulties we have been experienceing we can face the future with confidence and an expectation that we will succeed.The energy radiated out by the sun will shine its warmth and light on us and we will be unable to help but feel happiness and confidence.

When the Sun in the Tarot is reversed, it can signal that happy times are delayed or blocked – not by outside forces but by our own thoughts and actions. Perhaps we hold guilt and shame in our hearts which prevent us from experiencing all the joy that is out there. Forgive yourself, learn from past mistakes and take the opportunity the Sun heralds – move on leave negative thoughts and beliefs behind.

If you are finding it difficult to move on from past experiences, it may be worth looking at The Star and The Moon again. It is important to understand that we all go though negative experiences but that we must not allow ourselves to be defined by those times. Learning to let go and accept that which has happened can be a hard and difficult process but one we all, to a degree, pick up subconsciously in our lives. That can be harder to do if the negative experience is particularly traumatic. What may be traumatic for one will be easy for the next and each experience is individual. Give yourself the gift of letting go, accepting what happened and looking forward to the next chapter of your life with a renewed sense of self worth and control.