Witch runs marathon – a world record?

Picture this – you spend months training for the London City Marathon. The day comes and psyched, you run the marathon dressed as a witch (why didn’t she just fly it?), complete with point hat and broomstick. Really proud after running 26.2-mile route over 3hrs 31mins, you submit your superb time to the Guinness Book of Records.

That’s exactly what mother of two Nicola Nuttall did – only to be told by Guinness that she didn’t make the world records…because her dress was too short.

No short as in mini-dress short. The dress Nicola wore actually stretched down to her feet but Guinness said pictures on the day showed some slits cut into the dress, presumably to make it easier to run it.

Nicola raised £1,700 for the Alzheimer’s Society in her attempt at a world record. It is unknown if Guinness has been hexed since.


Nicola Nutall
Nicola Nutall

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