The Star – Tarot

A naked female pours water from two jugs, one into the lake and the other empties onto the land. Kneeling, one of her feet is in the lake and the other on land. In the background are mountains and a tree with a bird perched on top. Eight stars are denoted in the sky, marking The Star in the Tarot as the 8th card.

A very serene and natural card, The Star in the Tarot reminds us of mother earth and the divine feminine power.  Water is often associated with the feminine. It is very much a card of dualities – the land and water, earth and sky, two jugs,  feet on water and earth. It speaks of a reflective force to every action.


Pouring the water from the jug onto the earth, it forms little streams that make their way in various directions. Nourishing the earth, some of the water makes its way back to the lake. The female also pours water into the lake, almost as if rejuvenating it from heavenly water.  Her nakedness serves only to emphasise the natural flow of things. It is not a clothed man or woman nourishing the earth. Her pouring of the water is balanced, neither land nor sea getting more than the other.

Having one foot in the water and one foot on land reminds us of the duality of existence. We have one foot on this earth and another in our spiritual realm but it is only when we consciously go to replenish the spiritual side of ourselves that we remember that. Perhaps it is important that like Mother Earth we nourish the waters of life and cast our eye towards the mythical lake of spirituality rather than focusing so much on the physical side of our existence.

The stars number eight in the sky and have eight points, one large star reinforcing the theme that this is a card of the powers that be rather than any normal female. The Star is the seventeenth card in the Major Arcana, the number 17 resolving(7+1=8) to 8. The eight card of the Tarot was Strength which also depicted a female. Strength was the card in which Mother Earth was shown to be stronger than even a fierce lion, a card that called on us to listen to our inner voice and know right from wrong. The seven smaller stars could also be related to the seven chakras of the body with the larger one representing the divine or Strength.

Often overlooked is the bird on the tree in the background. The Tree of LIfe springs to mind, an ancient and much used symbol of the universe connecting the underworld, earth and heavens. The bird on the tree may represent thought and reflection, its flight symbolic of the flight of our minds.

After journeying through the Tarot to arrive at The Star, perhaps we are a bit wiser as to our beliefs and how they sit with the natural order of things. Maybe we are more aware of the earth and our connection to it and part of it. The Star beckons us to act in accordance with the natural good that is within all of us. It asks us to reflect on our actions and consider whether they are inherently right.

The strong theme of Mother Earth within the card reminds us to nurture that which we are in charge of. Just as the female pours out water generously onto the earth, so too should we give generously of ourselves.

In love and relationships, perhaps we are not giving enough of ourselves to our significant other. Maybe we are always taking from those around us and not giving anything back. Do we undertake charity work? Recycle all that we can for the earth? Are we grateful for that which we have received rather than being a wanting slave to the concept of more, more, more? That which we give out will rebound threefold upon us.

Under the starlight, the card also inspires us to take a moment in quietness to reflect. Looking into the water that reflects upon us, we may see new insights or gain understanding. After the business of everyday life and the constant activity of cellphones, tv, internet and email, it is really worthwhile taking a few moments of each day to shut off from the world and concentrate on our inner selves.

Reversed: The Star in the Tarot reversed is a warning to us that we have shut ourselves off from the earth, the universe or our inner selves. Perhaps we are so busy at work and homelife that we do not have a minute to spare.

We may be too busy with modern life to remember that we are part of something bigger. The Star reversed urges us to take a moment to reflect of life and perhaps map out a greater path for us. It calls us to rejuvenate our inner selves with water and to remember that it is not our physical possessions that define us.

The Star - Tarot

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