Monsanto imposing will on countries

Monsanto and its soybeans – its GMO soybeans – have led the company into a spat with Argentina and threatened to suspend launching new products there until it agrees to its terms.

Showing just how large and dominant Monsanto has grown, the argument centers around Monsanto’s insistence that the Argentinian government inspect shipments of soybeans destined for export.

But not inspect them for quality or health. No, Monsanto wants the government to inspect them to ensure farmers have paid royalty to the company for its seed technology. A compromise might see private exporters having to inspect the shipments for Monsanto.

How nice to be able to force a government to carry out inspections on behalf of a privateĀ  company to ensure royalties have been paid. It follows closely on Monsanto’s agreement with Brazil along the same lines.

Argentina has found itself reliant on Monsanto soy seeds for a cash crop on which many of its farmers depend. That dependence and subservience to Monsanto is only going to get worse the longer farmers continue to use their seeds.

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