Manifesting Wealth – From the Witches Book of Shadows?

gold-barManifesting our current desires has become something of a trend lately. If we don’t have our dream job or yacht, found the perfect love or have the very best friends, it’s a case that we are not ‘manifesting’ these thing into our lives. In business, our success or failure is no longer a case of bad luck, wrong idea or hard work, but is a matter of how we train ourselves to think and how we visualize our future.

Motivational speakers like Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn have made millions from telling us how to visualise our projects, business and life goals. Companies the world over are tuning into how employees can become more productive and happier at work if they are motivated. Millions of people are getting up early each morning to put in their half hour of meditation, picturing themselves with the successful career, the perfect partner and the dream life.

But is this something witches have been practising for centuries?

Spells are a means to an end. Any spell is based on creating energy and directing it towards a desired outcome. All of the ingredients in a spell help to create an image in the eye of the practitioner and clarify the desired outcome. When we go about writing a spell, practitioners may go to great lengths to obtain the ingredients. Things like eye of a newt and toe of a frog may be far fetched and a figment of Shakespeare’s imagination, but more common ingredients like white sage, salt, earth, flowers and incense abound in spells.

The purpose of gathering all these ingredients and the effort practitioners expend in preparing for a spell serve a very important function. They solidify and clarify the purpose of the spell within the mind. Waiting to have all the parts of the spell and the right time to cast the spell gives the practitioner plenty of time to actively meditate on their desired outcome.

If the purpose of all the preparations is to channel energy in the subconscious mind of the practitioner and have them visualise the outcome of the spell, then it is no different to the modern manifesting doctrine.

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Today, we may carry out our own ‘spell’. Images of fancy cars left around the house to remind us of our goal, our daily motivation journal, our setting of goals in each area of our life and reviewing them daily – these are based on the principle that the universe responds to what we visualise.

It has been the same for witches and practitioners of the magical arts for centuries. The means with which we arrive at the end visualisation differ but in both cases there is strong foundation of setting an image in the mind’s eye and expecting it to manifest.


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