Queen of Wands

Seated upon her throne, the Queen of Wands gazes into the distance. In her right hand is a wand, in her left is a a flower (sunflower). Lions are engraved on the throne, both under the armrests and on the back seat. A yellow crown adorns the Queen’s head and she wears a white cloak. At the feet of the Queen is a black cat.

Queen of Wands Tarot

The Queen of Wands is a card that portrays deep symbolism. The Queen represents a commanding figure in control of her thoughts and faculties, wise and calm. She is the mother that we turn to when we need advice, a figure that issues guidance and love.

Her intuition is sharp and she holds within her a natural ability to understand our emotions. It is interesting that the Queen does not look directly at us but the black cat at her feet returns our gaze. Cats have long been associated with the occult and an ability to peer into another world. They are also associated with witches and have often been described as their ‘familiars’. The black cat may represent our deepest thoughts reflected back towards us. Even though we do not verbalise them, the Queen already knows of them.

With wands representing our mental fire and the Queen and cat symbolising female intuition and understanding, this card suggests we should pay attention to our creative instinct. Solutions will come naturally to us and we need to trust our instinct on whether to follow through with them.

The white cloak on the queen represents the purity and innocence of the Queen. The lions engraved on the chair are indicative of the commanding status of the Queen. She is not one that is easily usurped. The sunflower is more interesting in that it could represent the transformation from seed to flower and thus the cycle of life and death or it holds an element of ‘following the light’ – much as a sunflower follows the sun.

There is a strong element to this card that urges us to be true and honest to ourselves and to follow our instinct. We need to have belief in ourselves and trust that our experiences in life will stand us in good stead as we face into the future.

Queen of Wands Reversed

The Queen of Wands reversed can represent blocked creative energy. our intuitions may be wrong or we are failing to understand our instincts. We may be going against our natural intuition and ignoring the warning messages that creep up every so often.

Reversed, the Queen of Wands also warn us of manipulative energy. Somebody may be scheming or sending negative messages to us. It may even be us. We need to guard against such actions.

Given the confidence and self reliance depicted by the Queen of Wands, this card reversed may also be telling us that we are doubting our own abilities. We may not believe we are very worthy or we may be avoiding a particular issue or project at work. The queen reversed urges us to build on our confidence and not let our creative energy be sapped into negative thoughts.


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