Two ‘witches’ poisoned in Zimbabwe

Two witches have died following a ceremony carried out by a ”holy man”. The two elderly women were blamed by their families who suspected them of using ”goblins” to make children in the village sick.

Jersey Mutero, 83, and Erita Bhebhe, 73 both died on the way to hospital after drinking a potion given to them by local holy man, Maxwell Pira. They had been told the potion was to cleanse their witches souls. Both fell into immediate agony and died shortly afterwards. Pira has since fled the village and is currently on the run from authorities.

Poilice Inspector for the area Emmanuel Mahako, described the bizarre ritual which occurred in Mangisi Village, saying, “Pira gathered all family members and started praying for them. He also said prayers for a liquid which he called ”holy water”.

“He instructed all the family members to drink the water which was passed around in a cup, but warned that those responsible for the sickness of the young girl should not drink the concoction as they would die.”

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“The two elderly women drank the liquid but collapsed almost immediately. They were put on a scotch cart but died on the way to hospital.”

Police are analyzing the contents of the liquid to determine what poison was used.

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