School refuses free pagan books

Bibles are good to go. Pagan books are not. That seems to be the message from one school in Weaverville who allowed Gideons International to drop off bibles that were distributed to children at the school. One child arrived home with the now familiar blue bible and his mother decided drop off some books at the school that explained her pagan beliefs.

Ginger Strivelli contacted her son’s school to offer the books for free , just as Gideons had done. But the school refused to take them – citing a review of religious policy as being underway and therefore religious items would not be accepted in the meantime. Apparently, Gideon’s arrived back at the school to collect the remaining bibles and apologized for the drama created.

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Strivelli told the Houston Chronicle, “I’m not surprised a bit. That’s fully what I expected. They’re changing the policy, which is wonderful. They shouldn’t [allow] it, but they shouldn’t have done it to start with. That makes it unfair after they have given out Christian propaganda.”

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