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Vodafone confirms Government eavesdropping

It is no surprise that our lives are less private now than at any moment in history. We are been tracked, bagged, categorised and sifted…

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Parsnip Coffee

I like coffee. Too much. Not only is it an expensive habit but I’m not entirely convinced it’s good for you – particularly when big…

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Natural Cleaner

This is a great  natural cleaner and one that’s easy to make. I’ve been using it around the house on pretty much everything and never…

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Two of Wands

A young man gazes out across the land, holding in one hand a crystal ball or globe. His other hands rests on one of two…

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Ace of Wands

A hand emerges from a cloud, holding upright a wand. The landscape below shows a river and mountains with a castle perched atop. Leaves sprout…

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King of Swords

The King, seated upon his throne holds an upright sword in his right hand. His throne is engraved and is set upon the top of…

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Queen of Swords

The Queen, seated on her thrown and robed in fine garments holds in her right arm a sword. Her left hand beckons to an unseen…

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Hill of Tara stone vandalised

An iconic, 5,000 year old stone at the top of the Hill of Tara in Ireland has been vandalised. Paint now covers the Lia Fail…

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Knight of Swords

Mounted on his horse, the knight charges at full gallop, his sword raised high. His face is in a grimace, his visor raised. Trees and…

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Page of Swords

The young Page of Swords stands atop a hill, sword drawn and held by two hands. His gaze seems to be cast backwards. The scene…

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