The concept of blood (Xue) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a broader and more philososophical meaning than the understanding of blood in western medicine. In the West, blood is seen as a fluid that carries nutrients, white blood cells and other organisms to all parts of the body. WhileContinue Reading

Jing in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is our essence and is stored in the kidneys. Without Jing, we could not be. Along with Shen and Qi it is part of the Three Treasures (mind-body-spirit balance). Jing is a type of Qi but it is the most material – it isContinue Reading

Shen is the ”spirit” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm) and is one of the three treasures that constitute life. The other two are Qi (life force) and Jing (essence). Shen in TCM takes in not just spirit but also emotions, mental health and consciousness. Shen is said to live inContinue Reading

Qi or Chi (pronounced ‘chee’) is an eastern concept used in traditional chinese medicine (tcm) and philosophies. In a literal sense qi means ‘gas’ or ‘breath’ but it is viewed as the force that gives form to life. It is more than the western concept of spirit because in ChineseContinue Reading