Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Daniel Adrian Hyde

On a journey to finding spiritual truth and inspiring conscious living


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory including diagnosis, meridians, point locations, treatments and their interplay in the modern world. All opinion only!

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When studying or reading about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it can appear at first glance…

3 min read

The Conception Vessel (‘Ren Mai’) runs along the midline of the front of the body…

2 min read

The Pericardium meridan originates in the middle of the chest where a branch descends through…

2 min read

The triple warmer meridian (also known as the San Jiao, triple burner or energizer!) is…

4 min read

The Urinary Bladder in TCM (UB) is a Fu (yang) organ paired with the Kidney….

4 min read

The Gall Bladder in TCM is responsible for storing and secreting bile produced by the…

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