Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Daniel Adrian Hyde

On a journey to finding spiritual truth and inspiring conscious living


Our diet affects not just our physical body but our emotional and spiritual body as well. We are what we eat, think and do.

6 min read

It’s amazing to think that even within our own body we aren’t the majority shareholder….

4 min read

For a plant that can be grown almost anywhere, it’s amazing that over 66% of…

1 min read

Kale can be difficult to incorporate into smoothies without its seaweed/cabbage taste overpowering the other…

3 min read

I’m slow to use the term ‘wonder food’ for any single item. Our bodies aren’t…

1 min read

Chickpea soup, easy and packs a healthy punch! This soup is great when you want…

2 min read

One of the easiest herbs to grow, chives never seem to make it into the…

3 min read

Flat bread is great. It is so easy to make, cooks quickly and is delicious…

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