The Home Office in the UK announced that 4.1 million lab tests on animals were carried out in the UK in 2015. The procedures and the pain inflicted on the animals are classified into “sub-threshold” (13%), “non-recovery” (6%), “mild” (51%), “moderate” (24%) and “severe” (6%). Of the 4.1 million tests,Continue Reading

The EU has temporarily extended the time period for the chemical Glyphosate, widely used in Monsanto’s Round-up ‘weed’ killer. The chemical, feared to cause cancer and disrupt human hormones, had been on a temporary licence pending testing by the EU.

Picture this – you spend months training for the London City Marathon. The day comes and psyched, you run the marathon dressed as a witch (why didn’t she just fly it?), complete with point hat and broomstick. Really proud after running 26.2-mile route over 3hrs 31mins, you submit your superb timeContinue Reading

The EU last week refused to extend the licence for the use of glyphosate, one of the active ingredients in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killers. The current licence expires at the end of June, meaning the company’s products may have to be removed from shelves.

In a David and Golith battle, a lone Shaman in Western Siberia is the only thing standing between  a multi billion oil giant and a sacred lake. The Khanty tribe consider Lake Imlor in the Surgut region of the Khanty-Mansiisk district sacred and a local shaman is the only personContinue Reading

In yet another step towards discovering the smallest possible particles that make up our universe, CERN have confirmed the existence of the pentaquark. This little beauty was actually predicted as far back as 1964 by American physicist, Murray Gell-Mann, who went on to win the Nobel Prize for Physics forContinue Reading

Pope Francis tackles climate change with the release of his Encyclical Laudato si’. The document, running to 191 pages, continues the Pope’s shift away from the formality of previous popes and displays a genuine and down to earth approach to the issue. Many of its themes will resonate with thoseContinue Reading

A reportedly haunted house plagued by a poltergeist is up for rent with RightMove. The listing, by Plus Dane Group,  notes that previous tenants “have advised us that they have experienced paranormal activity at the property.” The Liverpool Echo carries a report that the previous tenant, Lekeisha Davis, 26, ranContinue Reading