When we look back in twenty years time, we’ll see the use of cleaning products the same way we look back at the use of arsenic now. It never ceases to amaze me how chemicals, treated with gloves, body suits and breathing apparatus in factories are suddenly safe when theyContinue Reading

A study published in the St. Petersburg Polytechnical University journal outlines how researchers believe dolphins talk to each other in much the same way as humans do, even waiting until one dolphin has finished its lines before replying. ‘Pulses’ or sounds made by the dolphins were analyzed and found toContinue Reading

It’s interesting to see the growth of spiritual beliefs and practises when a country or region emerges from under the yoke of oppression. Shamanism is one such spiritual belief. In the west, the dominance of the Catholic Church led to a severe decline in adherents of pagan religions. Folk practices,Continue Reading

In the beginning was a formless void. A perfect vacuum. A vacuum where nothing existed. Collapsing in on itself, the vacuum exploded into a soup of gases and liquids, temperatures searing hot and freezing cold, liquid and vapours mingling, clashing and swirling. As they did so, various combinations formed, dissipatedContinue Reading

One thing that caught my eye in the news recently was the recent bill by the Scottish Parliament with the warm fuzzy sounding name of  “Children and Young People (Scotland) Act.”. The act is a serious extension of state power into the lives of families as it gives every childContinue Reading

It is no surprise that our lives are less private now than at any moment in history. We are been tracked, bagged, categorised and sifted through in ever increasing detail. Predictive modelling, where computers attempt to predict future behaviour (e.g. pregnancy, purchases in shops, holidays) is becoming more widespread andContinue Reading

I always knew lemons were good. Not because my momma told me (she probably did) but because of a lemon day that has always stuck with me. When I was young and carefree and life revolved around college, pizza and wasting money, I felt a headcold coming on. Throat wasContinue Reading

A galactic survey of epic proportions has concluded there are more planets than stars. The downside is that the survey only used a sample size of one – our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Which means the survey could be highly unreliable. A team of scientists led by Arnaud CassanContinue Reading