This week, an Irish TD (member of parliament) claimed vegans had ‘never worked a day in their lives’. The bizarre and idiotic rant isn’t worth arguing against but it does raise some critical issues that Ireland needs to address before we get hit with a serious crisis. Its not aContinue Reading

Walking through a forest is enough to evoke a sense of calm in most people. It’s a primitive feeling, one that has evolved over thousands of years and been handed down from gene pool to gene pool. That calmness, or de-stressing that we feel is the culmination of the scentsContinue Reading

The Gospel of Mary is a fascinating Gnostic text discovered in 1896 by Dr. Carl Reinhardt who purchased it in Egypt and brought it to Berlin. It dates from the late fourth or early fifth century and wasn’t fully published until 1955. Later fragments of the script were discovered withinContinue Reading


It’s another international day of something but at least this one is interesting – world UFO day! Celebrating all things alien, apocalyptic, galactic and conspiracist it sure beats World Banana Lovers Day (coming soon, August 27th – I kid you not!). Today, it’s worth actually remembering that we have zeroContinue Reading

Mind Energy Waves

Energy. That illusive concept that goes far deeper than what we understand in a physical manner. It is easy to understand the energy that we can see around us – the trees, earth, homes and our cars. This is called latent energy and this can be understood in the senseContinue Reading

Who are you? When we are asked that question, we usually start off answering with our name.  ‘Yeah, but who are you?’ With a sigh we might begin to describe our parents, where we come from, our family or location. ‘Yeah, yeah, but who ARE you?’ Feeling a bit frustratedContinue Reading

In economics, an externality is a cost incurred by someone who did not choose to incur that cost. Most of the time, governments try to ‘internalise’ costs so that they are bourne by people who chose to incur them. For example, car tax is paid by the owner of theContinue Reading