How to elevate your consciousness

Being conscious isn’t this esoteric, mystical state of being that is only granted to the select few. Let’s face it, anybody who feels the need to tell you they are ‘conscious’ or ‘enlightened’ probably isn’t anyway. A boxer will never have to tell you he’s a boxer and somebody in a state of enlightenment will have no desire nor want to fill you in. It’s just a state of being and in the presence of someone enlightened, you just know – much like you know the boxer could probably knock your lights out!

The process of attaining an understanding of our being (i.e. consciousness) is as wide varied and strange as any journey you can take. For most, it takes many years. Little seeds of knowledge that we pick up over time combine to prod us in a direction that leads us to a point where we begin to ponder the bigger things in life. This is the way that ultimately, we discover our own truth. A lot of the time, there are no fairytales, bright lights or skipping down a yellow brick road. Instead, an uncomfortable presence and feeling that we are ‘outside the fold’ is common to many. The materialistic way of life holds no appeal because it just simply doesn’t matter. Part of the journey then is finding our own inner strength to actually turn away from what we ‘are meant’ to do and choosing to follow our own path.


This process can be entirely natural. You don’t view yourself as becoming ‘conscious’ – it’s just a way of life. It’s ingrained in the way you think, act and behave. It’s a part of your daily ritual, the things you do and the choices we make. Which means that for anybody wanting to discover their own truth, there are already well laid out paths to chose from.

What does this mean – choosing a path?

Think of it this way – if you wanted to be rich, you might look up what rich people do. You might begin to read books on wealth creation, learn to negotiate, look for a better job or start your own business. The process is just part of becoming rich because when you decide to be rich and begin the process, you already are. You cannot be rich if you act poor. That does not mean that you don’t spend money – it means you make the decisions a rich person would. You emulate their attitude to money, to people and to opportunities, instead of acting like somebody who is poor because they fear the process of becoming rich. In time, you begin to find the things that work for you leading to what you sought.

In terms of becoming ‘conscious’, the process is no different. You begin to read books, meditate, look after yourself, act in unison with the earth and be considerate of all beings. You try new things – some will resonate with you and become routine. Others will fall away when they have served their purpose. The process goes from being a theoretical concept to a way of life. What you start out with is not what you end up with – your path will take many twists and turns as your own truth is revealed to you. You may start off with one belief and end up with another.

conscious meditation
Meditation and balance – Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels

Nobody really wakes up one morning and decides they are ‘enlightened’ or that they are ‘conscious’. Rather, we wake up and try to understand ourselves and the universe, the reason we are here and the nature of things. This is the process of elevating our consciousness.

This is all fine in theory, but in practical terms where does one start in ‘elevating their consciousness?’

There are so many starting points to choose from but the most common:

  • Start reading spiritual books. Read across a wide variety of beliefs to give you a deeper comprehension of the subject.
  • Work into your routine anything you think a ‘conscious’ person would do. You will not keep all these things, but the ones that resonate with you will stick. For example, you may begin yoga, take a course in tai chi, exercise, take a pilgrimage, visit sacred sites or volunteer with various groups.
  • Mediate – Meditation is the common theme that links just about every faith and belief about enlightenment. You will never complete a marathon if you do not move and you will never discover your own truth if you do not give yourself the time to ponder it. Meditation doesn’t have to take place cross legged on the floor – but it does mean consciously deciding to dedicate time to discovering your truth.
  • Spend time in the company you admire.
  • Read about natural medicine. Typically, this process of understanding our bodies and their intimate connection with the earth leads one into a more mindful state of a spiritual nature.
  • Spend time in nature. The natural energy flow from nature helps to relax and align our own energy flow.
  • Go vegan – the very act of eating and living in a manner that does not inflict cruelty on any animal can help open the mind to further paths,

Being ‘conscious’ then, is not an end goal. It is a manner of living in which you hold to your own truth. When you discover this, it in turn leads to a sense of calm and an inner peace. This inner sense gives us a strength to live our life without the need for the approval of society. It is a sense of knowing, of living in unison with all, of spreading light and love.

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