Nature Valley Granola Bars contain glyphosate

Nature Valley Granola Bars are being sued by various organisations for misleading the public over their claims that the bars are “100% natural”. Moms across America, Organic Consumers Association and Beyond Pesticides say that consumers have the right to expect that products with the claim “100% natural” would not have traces of herbicide in the final products.

General Mills, the makers of Natural Valley Granola Bars, attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed. But the District of Columbia’s Superior Court rejected that motion. The ruling means the non-profit organisations can proceed in their lawsuits against General Mills.

Nature Valley Granola Bars
Nature Valley Granola Bars

The claim on Nature Valley Granola Bars state they are “made with  100% NATURAL whole grain OATS” and omit any reference to crops having been sprayed with glyphosate – an ingredient in many herbicides such as Monsanto‘s Roundup week killer.

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