Blood of torture victim on Shroud of Turin

Some new research on the Shroud of Turin reveal that it is stained with the blood of a torture victim.  We previously wrote on the Shroud of Turin back in 2014, when tests dated the Shroud to between 300BC and 400AD giving weight to its authenticity.

Experts say the Shroud contain ‘nanoparticles’ which are not those of a healthy person. Elvio Carlino, a researcher at the Institute of Crystallography in Bari, Italy, say that the particles contain traces of creatinine and ferritin, which are produced when the body undergoes extreme circumstances like torture.

Negatives of the Shroud of Turin
Negatives of the Shroud of Turin

“Hence, the presence of these biological nanoparticles found during our experiments point to a violent death for the man wrapped in the Turin Shroud,” said University of Padua professor Giulio Fanti.

The Study, titled New Biological Evidence from Atomic Resolution Studies on the Turin Shroud and published in the US scientific journal, PlosOne, give more weight to the argument that the Shroud is genuine. Many have said the shroud is a fake, created sometime during the Medieval Era.