I’m a sucker for tarot, angel and oracle cards. I don’t view them as necessarily a divinatory tool but I do love looking through them, seeing the artwork and the meanings authors attribute to each card. The Life Purpose Oracle Card deck is one I purchased ages ago and never really got around to using it – maybe my life purpose was in full swing then!

Life Purpose Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue
Life Purpose Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue

Now, I’m mid career change and I came across these cards once again. They’ve taken on a whole new meaning for me, I suppose because they suit this particular period of my life. I’m quite enjoying drawing one each night and having it as a reminder throughout the next day, using it as a theme or focus for the day.

For example the last three days, the cards drawn have been;

  • Support (“Your life purpose fully supports you”)
  • Time to decide (“Make a decision based on your heart’s true desires”)
  • Protected (“You are safe and supported while you change your career”)

Who wouldn’t want to draw these cards when a whole new career beckons!

Author Doreen Viture has a plethora of oracle and tarot cards, books and cd’s. So many that I often wonder how she gets the time to squeeze it all it. The Life Purpse Oracle cards are to the usual standard of Doreen Virtue, well illustrated and well explained in the accompanying booklet.

The tendency when dealing with an author with so many books and cards is to question if the goodness that originally motivated them is still present in the latest deck of cards rolling off the printers. Which is probably a question more to do with the reader rather than the author. Those that don’t mind will keep buying and those that have an issue will look elsewhere.

Personally, I have no issue with an author having several strings to their bow. It is part of their path in life and they really can’t be harming anyone by bringing out another book, right?

These cards are easy to use and are a helpful way to illuminate your own path. Truth is (and this applies to all tarot decks), the answers you seek were already within you, the only thing tarot or oracle cards can do is bring that which is available to the surface for you anyway.

Where they might be really useful is reassuring those seeking a life purpose or perhaps giving them new insights that they had not previously thought about. While they are great for life purpose questions, it is likely that they are too specific in nature for use on an everyday basis. So no, they won’t really be helpful in areas of love or relationships!

Light and Love
Light and Love