Kale can be difficult to incorporate into smoothies without its seaweed/cabbage taste overpowering the other fruits. I find this smoothie great as foremost, it’s easy to make and secondly, it’s a great starter base for adding in other fruits and vegetables. It can be filling enough to have as a breakfast without being overcome by hunger half an hour later.

I use Canary or Honeydew Melons for their slightly tangy taste but any common melon is fine. Quarter the melon, remove the seeds and skin and cut into cubes. Peel the kiwi and roughly chop. I usually throw in a decent handful of Kale.

Kale has been hailed as something of a wonder food, being packed full of vitamins K, A and C along with having zero fat. It is high in iron, lowers cholesterol and is a great food for detoxing your body.

Variations I’ve used are putting in cooked carrots (A great way to use leftover carrots – add them to smoothies!) and apples.

This one will come out a deep green but taste like sweet seaweed. Yup, what better way to start the day?!