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In the Beginning

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In the beginning was a formless void. A perfect vacuum. A vacuum where nothing existed. Collapsing in on itself, the vacuum exploded into a soup of gases and liquids, temperatures searing hot and freezing cold, liquid and vapours mingling, clashing and swirling. As they did so, various combinations formed, dissipated and reformed. Millions of combinations both in an instant and for an eternity. Time passed by, gases and liquids combined until one formed a consciousness. It may have failed, and time passed once again until another, then another. These first conscious entities may have died or lived, lasting a second or a million years.

Out of these conscious beings, one lasted for a little while. In the beginning there was no other consciousness to resist it and therefore the vast soup was at its disposal. Infinite energy at the disposal of one ‘being’.  It could direct energy as it saw fit, use it all or only a portion. It could create what it wished,  conscious will being enough to mould every and all creation. There was no resistance they way we know it, no reaction to push against conscious will, only the blind obedience of the soup.

Thus in the beginning, every idea and every image this first entity had was instantly created in the soup. Forms were created and destroyed as the conscious being had thoughts. Until the being wondered what it would be like if it did not exist. Instantly, it was destroyed. Its form returning to the soup.

Space - a piece of the Universe. Pic by Nasa
Space – a piece of the Universe. Pic by Nasa

And so it was for an instant and an eternity. Conscious beings forming at random when the correct constitution of gases and liquids were present. They could create with infinite energy, their every thought manifesting before them, their every manifestation destroyed when they willed it. And as the question inevitably arose in their consciousness of what it would be like without them, they too were destroyed.

Until one formed that lasted. It lasted because it understood the need for balance. It saw its creations formed by the will of thought alone and instantly destroyed when it wished. And it knew the fate that awaited itself.

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And so it did what created all souls, all consciousness. It split itself. Thus in an instant was a balance to its will. But it saw two consciousness was no good. They could destroy each other. And so it split into billions of pieces. Billions of souls were created. None as powerful or composing as much energy as the original being. The original consciousness ensured it was unassailable by any of its newer selfs.

With many consciousnesses in existence, no one of them could will the entirety into non-existence.The original consciousness may have split equally in half. Half of itself was exploded out into billions of souls. Half of itself remained whole. Compared to the power of the souls it had created, the power of the original consciousness was infinite.

And so was god.

And so it is that we each have a soul.

And so it is that there is an original consciousness.

And so it is that we are all connected. We come from the same source. We are made from the same original material.

And so it is that we can feel original consciousness.

And so it is that we can sense each other and everything that existed.

And so it is that we are all one, all necessary for our very existence to continue.

And so it is that what is above, is below.

And so it is what was in the beginning will be in the end.

And so it is that what is within, is without.

And so it is that if you look under a rock, you will find me.

And so it is that if two people break bread in my name, I am there.

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