The young page stands in a desolate landscape, mountains visible in the distance. He holds an upright wand with both hands, gazing at the top of the wand. In rich clothes, the Page wears a hat with a feather. His yellow cloak is emblazoned with salamanders.

page-of-wandsWands are related to our creative energy and our mental ‘fire’ – our ideas, future plans and thoughts. The page is gazing at the wand, almost as if considering its meaning or significance.

In readings, this card can herald that we are contemplating an idea of our own but we have yet to bring it to fruition. It may also suggest that this idea has yet to reveal itself to us, that we have not yet figured out what we wish to do. Although that the page is holding onto the wand with both hands suggests that we are already holding onto an idea. The barren landscape reinforces this notion that we are at a crossroads as such. The page is not following a path, nor battling in pursuit of an idea. Rather he is attempting to decide what path to follow.

In the previous ten cards, we followed a path that originated with the Ace of Wands. The Page of Wands is different in that it signifies an young man who is already relatively successful – his rich clothes signalling that he is not a pauper. The Page of Wands therefore is more related to a change of path in our lives. We may already have achieved a goal or our business is successful. The question after that is ‘Where to from here?’ and that is the theme of the Page of Wands.

Salamanders, as etched on the Page’s cloak, are symbolic of fire in the Tarot. The red feather in the page’s hat also signifies fire. There may be an element to this of a ‘feather in you hat’ as if we have already achieved something. Incidentally, the red feather also appears in the Fool and Death – possibly symbolising birth, death and renewal. Thus the red feather in the cap of the page may indicate a time of renewal as we seek where we go to from here.

The Page of Wands reversed indicates blocked or repressed ideas. We are ignoring an itch that says we should be considering our future path. This may be deliberate or we have not realised it yet. Either way, that creative energy is blocked, most probably by ourselves.

We may be afraid that a new venture or project at this hour of our lives is impossible or too much risk. We may have negative feelings about change and leaving that which is familiar. It could be a new job, diet, lifestyle or circle of friends. The Page of Wands reversed doesn’t appear in readings to urge us to take on that change, merely to consider it and not dismiss it instantly.




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