Ten of Wands

A young man carries ten wands. He is walking away from us, head buried in the wands as he carries them. In the distance is a village. The weather is calm. The Ten of Wands is all about successful hard work. We have toiled and laboured, had our difficulties and challenges during our path through the suit of wands but finally in this tarot card we have a bountiful supply of wands which we’ve gathered up.

Ten of Wands Tarot Card
Ten of Wands

This card signifies that we will have an abundance of ideas, creative energy or reward for our work.It is not a reward that comes easy – the young man is labouring under the load of wands he carries and we will likewise be hard at work gathering up our success. But after all our work and challenges depicted in the suit of wands, we are driven forward to take our reward home despite whatever work is left.

As the young man in the card makes his way home to his village, we too can see the end goal in sight. We may be feeling flat out or feeling burdened with the workload but we refuse  to give up seeing as the rewards have now started to flow in. We may be in the final stages of a project, have just opened a business or plotted out all the chapters of a book – even though there is still work to be done, the back of it has been broken and we can look forward to reaping what we have sowed. In a way, that work translates to responsibilities – the young man is responsible for bringing home the wands just as we’ll be responsible for seeing through our new business, book or project.

When this card appears, we should be careful that we are not buried beneath our workload or that our responsibilities have not become so great that we fail to enjoy ourselves. Over worked, completely stressed or long tiring hours are all hinted at in tenth card of Wands and we should be alert to their dangers.

Unlike many of the cards in the suit of Wands, this card is all about us. There is no outside adversaries like in the seven or five of wands. The card indicates that this is a burden or labour that we are responsible for rather than something thrust upon us.

Ten of Wands
Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands Reversed

The Ten of Wands reversed signifies that we are swamped with a burden. Our workload is too much or we may be stressing about things we have no control over. Our burden is sapping our enjoyment of life so much so that our eyes are drawn to the ground as we walk.

We need to learn to release our burden. Instead of holding onto the ten wands and allowing them to drag us down, we should take a break or find some help in carrying them. We are trying to keep everybody happy and ignoring our own needs.

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