A man stands amidst three wands, looking out over a barren terrain with mountains in the distance. He is well clothed with a band around his head. He stands atop an outcrop, elevated above the surrounding terrain.

three-of-wandsIt’s almost as if the journey predicted in the Two of Wands is now well underway. We took the plunge and set out on a path though maybe we didn’t quiet know where we were going. In the Three of Wands, a man pauses during his journey. His attire hints that he is well off. The image may depict a moment where the man questions or ponders his journey as he looks out over the vast expanse of countryside before him.

Despite the empty landscape before him, it does not look as if the man will quit. He faces towards the future rather than looking back towards the past. The journey will go on. The barren landscape may be suggestive of a tough time ahead. Paricularly a time when we may have to rely on our own strengths to move us along our journey.

The barren landscape could also foretell that we are about to enter an unknown scenario or that we are not entirely sure where our path lies. The important thing is that we keep moving. Standing still is to invite thoughts of quitting.

The rocky outcrop that the man stands on is important. It gives him a view of the whole journey. He can see far into the distance. By detaching ourselves momentarily from a situation and seeking to understand the path we take, we may be doing ourselves a welcome favour. Perspective about our journey and goals is important in life and we should map or plot out where we are going with the little time we have on this world.

The number three is significant in that it completes the first triad of creation. Even though it seems like we have a long way to go, we must remember that we have already completed the first part of our journey. We have taken the first step, the bravest step and instead of focusing on the vast journey before us, we should use our elevated position to map out how we will complete our objective.

Reversed: The Three of Wands reversed suggests that our travel plans may be delayed. Obstacles prevent us from carrying on with our journey or we may feel overwhelmed by the path we have taken on. Reversed, the Three of Wands urges us to continue our journey and not let ourselves be intimidated by its length or allow obstacles to halt our progress.





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