A young man gazes out across the land, holding in one hand a crystal ball or globe. His other hands rests on one of two wands positioned either side of him. He seems to stand atop a castle or fortification, a village immediately beneath him. In the distance are mountains and the sea.

two-of-wandsTwos in the Tree of Life are about creation and energy. They are represented by the sphere of Chokmah. Wands in the Tarot are about creativity and inspiration, fire and the divine spark. In the Two of Wands, the young man, possibly a prince, gazes out at lands far away, as if deciding whether to undertake a journey. He could leave the safe confines of his home and wander into the unknown. But first, he gazes out at what might be his path.

In readings, the Two of Wands suggests we may soon undertake a journey, particularly if our vision can stretch out to encompass it – as depicted by the young man gazing out over faraway lands. In the Two of Wands, it is not just an idea that we hold but a viable path towards reaching our goal. It stretches out before us and although we may not know every detail of what may occur upon our journey, the broad route we must follow is laid before us.

That is not to say it will be an easy journey or that it will be without difficulty. The Two of Wands does not promise a positive outcome, it only indicates that we are at the beginning of a journey that we should make.

That journey can take many forms. It could be a relationship, a new business or goal or it may be related to a physical journey. This card suggests that although we can see our path and possibly our goal, we have yet to commit to leaving the safety of home and venturing out. In the card, the young man is framed by two wands, almost as if they are the gate out into the world. Yet he stands just inside that gate.

The Two of Wands encourages us to leave through that gate. The crystal ball or globe in the young man’s hands tells us that we quiet possibly have every foresight available to us. We can see our path, we can see faraway lands and goals. But we have yet to make any of it real in a physical sense.

Reversed: The Two of Wands reversed suggests that our path or journey is blocked. We may be hesitating too much or unable to commit to a path. Something else may be holding us back such as families, current employment or even our relationships. There is an impediment to the journey we should take.

The Two of Wands reversed could also indicate that we are unable to see where we go from here. We may not be able to see the path or our future goals, we are living day to day within the relative safety of our homes with no bigger picture to motivate us. We need to try and life our minds out of the mundane and see the bigger picture. If we could stand quietly for a while and gaze outside our day to day existence, a path may open up for us.






The Two of Wands foretells a

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